Marco Polo Season 3: Drama Web TV Series to Come Up With its Third Installment?

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Marco Polo Season 3

Marco Polo Season 3: the previous season of the drama web series Marco Polo ended with a lot of unanswered questions. And now it seems that the fans are quite dispirited as the makers of the show have not yet confirmed the production of Marco Polo Season 3. However, the speculations related to the third installment of the series have already started pouring in. Therefore, the viewers are looking forward to getting an insight into the happenings of Marco Polo Season 3.

The Production of Marco Polo Season 3 to kick-start soon?

Social Media is a huge platform to acquire news about anything that is trending. Likewise, John Fusco‘s (Creator of Marco Polo) twitter handle also indicates towards the production of Marco Polo Season 3. According to a report by iTech Post John Fusco’s recent tweet has triggered a new speculation, as the hashtags #iamleonardwu #amwriting sounds quite interesting. So does this mean that Fusco is currently working on the script of Marco Polo Season 3? Well! we have to wait for an official confirmation from the developer of the show himself.

However, the same report also states that Marco Polo Season 3 might get associated with another speculation, as the fans might get to witness the demise of Kublai Khan in the season. It is said that Benedict Wong who portrays the character of Kublai Khan is extremely caught up with projects such as Avengers Infinity Wars and Dr. Strange. Therefore, the actor might not be able to give time to the production of Marco Polo Season 3. However, let’s not jump to a conclusion as the makers of the show have not yet officially confirmed the news.

Marco Polo Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

The last episode of Marco Polo Season 2 titled as “The Fellowship” kept the viewers intrigued towards the episode throughout due to the delivery of its plotline. The episode depicted how Ahmed takes a stand and Marco comes to know about a horrific truth. And the potency level of the episode escalated more when the day of Kurultai finally arrives by giving shape to the fate of Kublai as Khan.

Nevertheless, the showrunners have already escalated the standards of the plotline of Marco Polo. And now the viewers are expecting to get more intrigued towards the happenings of Marco Polo Season 3 if at all the showrunners are planning to come up with a new season.

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