Manbij Battle, SDF & Kurdish Forces Face off IS Again

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Manbij Battle

After the rumor of the death of the leader of IS, Syrian defense forces and Kurdish forces have tightened the offensive against Daesh, ISIS militants. Now the battle comes into Manbij, which is a strategic town for both because it lies between the Turkish border and the IS held Raqqa (declared capital of the ISIS).

US-backedArab fighters in coalition with SDF and Kurdish fighters are tightening up the attacks on IS-held positions near Raqqa. US bombers continue bombing over the areas of key positions of ISIS.

Manbij Battle

Manbij is one of the key routesto the various supplies including some crucial oil field locations. Crude oil has been one of the biggest sources of the income of ISIS. But after heavy bombardments by Russia, ISIS lost many key locations including the Palmyra! SDF got the motivations from Russia backed special forces while Kurdish forces are splitting IS positions with the help of US bombers.

In the north-east, Kobane fell and captured by Kurdish Forces after four monthslong battle! From there, ISIS started losing field in the battle of Middle-East. Al Qaeda’s Al-Nusra Front opposed the indiscriminate civilian killing of ISIS and started a battle in North-Western Afghanistan.

Practically ISIS has lost the maximum of their territories after Russian offensive, and it got limited to the areas around Raqqa. Serial bombardments over Raqqa are also limiting the Khalifate fighters either to surrender or to go on fighting with the SDF or Kurdish Forces. Intelligence reports revealIS is having severe ammunition shortage and may fall soon.

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