Mamata’s Stand Change on Narada Sting Operation Issue

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Narada Sting

On 14th of March 2016 the Narada sting operation video that leaked, almost shook the base of the ruling party of West Bengal. The Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Bannerjee, who is also the West Bengal Chief Minister, however took a different stand. Instead of rusticating the leaders who were caught taking bribes, she took their stand. Rather four of them have been declared as the contesting candidates of the West Bengal State Assembly Election. She called for a in-house probe investigation, but strictly refused to undergo a C.B.I check. Now, strikingly and of course to the surprise if all, at a public gathering on Monday, she changed her stand and said that, had she known about her corrupt leaders, she would have cancelled their nominations.

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Now out of many questions which are being raised by the opposing parties and also by many experts include the one that “Is she afraid of a loss?” many are even blaming her for nominating Madan Mitra as a contesting candidate as he has been in jail for the last one and half years for being accused of the Saradha scam. Or just days before elections she is trying to soften her stand in order to gain people’s heart? Even questions like “will her next step be to quit the war field even before the real war starts?”


Her changed stand on the corrupted politicians issue has been raising many questions. However, it seems that her stand change has not yet reached the lower level of the party. Even before the three phase election of Kolkata, which is the chief war ground, could start, news of local conflicts are popping up. On a campaign of Shatarup Ghosh on 16th of April, who is contesting his home constituency, Kasba, he has been threatened to be killed. According to Ghosh, the two cops of Tiljala police station were mute spectators. Another remarkable incident took place at Kamarharti, which is the Madan Mitra ruled area, just hours after Bannerjee changed her stand. The TMC worker allegedly attacked a gathering of ‘Akranto Amra’ while a speaker of them was addressing the crowd. Many such incidents have been going on and around Kolkata. However, outside Kolkata, at Birbhum, the conflict with TMC that took place was not with any party, rather, the local public. Just after the electoral candidate Anubrata Mondal walked out of the booth after casting the vote, the local people reportedly ceased the entry of the TMC polling agents at the booth.

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However, many experts are saying, “she is under immense pressure”. The three issues which are the Saradha scam, Narada sting operation and the flyover collapse are probably haunting her. Moreover, the biggest threat came to her when she was asked to show cause for declaring Asansol to be a district soon, during the electoral phase in Bengal. Being a leader, it is not very difficult for her to gauge the public minds, probably that’s why, Bannerjee, who was heard saying, “he is not a thief”, has taken a 360 degrees turn and said “don’t desert us”. It seems that her control and influence on the urban and suburban areas have started to loosen.

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