Making Your Videos Viral Is an Art of Effective Marketing

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Online marketing has become even more entertaining with viral videos, advertisements that are streaming live and awesome visual effects that attract the attention. There are now so many ways to create interesting videos as the demand is ever increasing. It’s important to know the advantages so that you can build up the perfect online strategy for effective branding. All worldwide big brands are using videos for effective marketing and promotions. Many of the companies even have a series of videos going viral and make noteworthy impressions.

The advantages of Viral Effective Marketing

Are you hooked to this new craze? Viral video is now basically an epidemic that is spreading too fast. There are so many things to bother about but still, people cannot refrain themselves from funny clips. Did you ever notice that morning and night shows feature these videos sometime? Videos are very enticing, people get carried away too fast and this is what internet marketers can take advantage of. These sorts of clips are great in spreading a positive marketing message. Read the two main advantages of viral videos:

  • Right message share with a tinge of humor – Adding humor to a message or to any particular product grabs more attention of the audiences. What do you like while surfing the internet? Nice, colorful images, funny words, music etc right? When there is connection and humor is the right amount, people take an interest. An amazing video will have all the essential information about the product but keeps the viewers glued by the wittiness and promptness.
  • Not very expensive – Do you know that viral videos are uploaded at almost no cost? Yes, there is a lot of investment in airing events in television, primetime shows, and other networks. If you have sufficient budget, its best to start your own viral video campaign. You can stream from various social media channels or even upload to other websites. These sites build a connection between your brand and target audiences by putting the video in their own viral engine. This is the reason why you must upload the best videos so that the views keep on increasing. All these are expensive at all, very much within the budget.

How can you use viral videos in internet marketing?

  1. You can create your own viral video – You can create your own clip and upload it to Youtube, at your personal blog, website and on other platforms. Remember, the clip must be short for easy downloading. The commercial should be unique and funny for effectiveness. If you require an idea, just visit YouTube and find out the ‘most-viewed’ ones. To get a viral effect, normal videos won’t work at all.
  2. Be a member of video blogging groups – Apart from YouTube, there are other video blogging platforms as well. Post videos on these sites dedicatedly to reach your goal.
  3. Create more if people love – Once you find that audiences have loved the first one, there is no waiting. You must start making and posting more so that the attention remains and increases. This is how you can gather a loyal group of viewers following your posts and waiting for more.

Are you on the right track?

How do you know whether a particular video has gone viral or not? This demands monitoring o statistics or feedback on a regular basis. Tracking social media sites is just one part but you must track other websites, blogs, and forums.  Marketers use various tools that make tracking easier.

Once your video is viral, it appears on the video chart. All the popular videos on YouTube and other channels are listed. It is like a compilation of popular clips because many people love to surf this chart rather than searching different channels. You can try to learn more about viral videos.

Increase your viral video campaigns’ potential through video translation

One of the best ways to improve your video’s chances of becoming a viral sensation is making it available to a wider audience. Most videos that become viral are ones that are relatable or appealing to the majority of audiences, not only in a specific country but to the world.

Once you’ve made a video that you feel is compelling and engaging, you can give your viral video campaigns a little boost by using translation to make your content accessible to the world. Something as simple as subtitles or closed captioning can improve your viral reach as even people who don’t speak the language of your video would be able to understand it and hopefully find value in it. After all, virality is defined by the propensity of audiences to spread content: if your video illustrates a phenomenon that’s universal, then people around the world would want to see it (and share it).


Most of us know that viral video marketing is the best way now to pass on your message to a huge mass. The crux is that it’s not very easy to get your videos viral and you need a concrete strategy which is the driving force to get great results. Viral video marketing is basically a sensation these days throughout the online world. People are conducting video campaigns no matter what sort of business he/she is engaged in. Everyone is slowly becoming aware of the fact that this is the best online marketing method. Video marketing might not get the mainstream but it is here to stay because it can attract a larger group of varied audience.

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