Making an Impression: Tips to Make Your Office More Inviting

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Office More Inviting

Office More Inviting

It’s a common knowledge that our surrounding can have an impact on our mood, energy, creativity and productivity. However, having an inviting office isn’t only a matter of employee’s workflow, but it’s about making an impression just as well. It’s a place where your clients get to know you and your company for the first time. And, believe it or not, every single thing including dcor, tidiness and maintenance can affect the client’s opinion. Therefore, read on the following tips and make your office more inviting.

Pick the color wisely

If you want to live up the space and add some vibrancy to depressing corporative white walls, it’s always a good idea to make an accent by using vivid colors. But, before choosing the perfect color for your office interior, make sure you do the research on color psychology. For example, green is said to boost creativity, blue to encourage productivity, while yellow is warm and welcoming. Anyhow, a little bit of color makes every space look brighter and more personal.

Make a statement with proper furniture

Apart from obviously necessary office desks and chairs, consider incorporating a piece of conversational furniture. Not only does it provide a welcoming and friendly area for business meeting, it also gives an impression of the workspace. When choosing the furniture, opt for round objects as they are said to awake the sense of comfort and peacefulness.

Place potted plants

potted plants

Potted plants and floral arrangements aren’t just the attractive pieces of dcor that create pleasant and inviting atmosphere. They’re also very beneficial for the number of reasons. For instance, the air inside the office buildings is commonly dry and suffocating, but certain potted plants can increase the level of air quality by clearing away the pollutants and preserving the levels of humidity. Furthermore, the studies have shown that they positively affect attendance and productivity among the employees.

Make it more personal

There’s nothing that makes your office more inviting than incorporating several personal items. By doing so, you give your clients a chance to meet you better and thus trust you more, almost as if there were entering your home office. So, bring family photos, your children’s artworks, hang out pinboard, and develop a long-lasting professional relationship.

Cover the walls with framed art

Instead of working daily among monotone blank walls, you should make your office cheerful and lovely space to work in. In order to realize this idea, try hanging your office with framed art, such as paintings and canvases. For an additional touch of chic, consider displaying inspiring and motivational prints in a LED light box.

Make yourself a true host

Whether you wish to present yourself as a true host to the clients or to look after your staff well, you should make sure there’s always some kind of snacks and beverages around. So, at least you can do about this question is to include coffee machine and water cooler in your office and provide refreshments available to everyone.

Keep your office clean and tidy

No matter how hard you try to make your office more inviting, nothing will be useful unless you keep it clean and tidy. Having cluttered desks and papers scattered all around can question both your and the company’s organization and competence. So, provide enough storage space to be sure that office desks are constantly orderly. What is more, many companies introduce recycling stations at offices’ break rooms. In that way, they show that they’re environmentally aware and reduce the number of loaded ugly waste bins.

Keep the maintenance at the highest level

Having poorly maintained interior can definitely make your clients think that your business hasn’t been doing very well recently. Therefore, replace the burnout lights, worn furniture, dingy carpet, etc. What is more, keep your office equipment in working order and, in case your budget allows it, invest in the latest technology.

As it’s been already stated above, your office can tell a lot about your company and everything it relates to. So, in order to take care of your business, follow these tips and make an impression with a pleasant and welcoming office.

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