Make More Money from a Web Design Agency: 4 Side-Business Ideas

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The web design industry as a whole is highly profitable, generating over $34 billion in revenue in 2017 (IBISWorld). However, the downside of such a lucrative market is that it’s extremely competitive. Starting a side-business that will augment your web design agency can help you stand out. The best thing about this is that many business opportunities will provide you with passive income. Therefore, you’ll be able to focus most of your talent and effort on developing cutting-edge designs for your customers.

4 Side-Business Ideas a Web Design Agency Should Try

1. Sell your unused designs and other works

Do you have some old designs developed when the inspiration struck? If not, you should make some when you have some downtime between clients. Logos, themes, stock vectors, icons, templates, and any other kind of graphic files you can produce can be sold via specialized digital marketplaces. Websites like Creative Market or ThemeForest are only a few of the places where you can sell your digital files.

Don’t forget about photographs as well. If you make any, you definitely should upload them to stock photos marketplaces, like iStock. This way you won’t allow any of your work go to waste and generate a stream of passive income. Note that selling top-quality products at popular marketplaces will also help build up your brand power.

2. Become a hosting reseller

One of the best business ideas to boost a web design agency is to combine it with a startup hosting company. By using a reseller package from one of the leading hosting providers, you’ll be able to offer your customers a comprehensive web development service.

This will require more work on your part as you’ll be basically building, launching, and maintaining a website ‘in-house’. However, this kind of package deal is sure to bring more customers to your door as you can advertise how convenient for them it would be. This is also a sure way to win customer loyalty.

3. Teach web design

Another great way to generate passive income as well as advertise your talent and skills is to become a teacher. You can launch an online course on web design or even business to share your skills of running an agency. Post those on platforms like Coursera, Skillshare, and Udemy. You can also run occasional webinars on new web design techniques.

You can also make and sell whitepapers, e-books, and other types of educational materials. Even case studies of your projects can be monetized, but only with the agreement of the customer. If you have talented artists in your team, they can make money through Patreon by posting guides on their own works.

4. Become a consultant

Expand your web design agency to help other designers through consultancy. This is a next step to offering web design classes, but with a more personalized approach. You can use this opportunity to both get new clients and recruit promising talent.

Once the designers you consult start getting clients of their own, they might need some help dealing with the influx of jobs. Be sure to set up terms of your partnership in a way that will have them outsource some of these jobs to you.

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