Majnu (2016) 3/4th Days Total Box Office Collection

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Majnu (2016)

Releasedon September 23rd, the Telugu language romantic-comedy film Majnu has garnered appreciation from all over thus making the box office business favourable. The movie’s worldwide collection has increased from its opening day and is likely to earn more than its total budget within the opening week. Surrounded by mainly three characters, the film is backed by triangular love story where Nani goes under dilemmafor choosing his career or love life. Based on a regular typical storyline, what makes it unique is its acting skills and comic timings. Keeping everything in a good rhythm let’s delve into Majnu 3/4th days total box office collection.

Majnu 3/4th Days Worldwide Collection

Audiences are simply adoring Nani and co-actors. The comedy sequences are quite hilariouswhich also hits the right note for situational comedy. The total collection of the Telugu film has been listed as theirpersonal favourite for many of the viewers. Few of the scenes will make you laugh hard wherein few scenes will hardly make you smile. Moreover, Nani’s best take and charming personality will bound one to praise him. The lead actresses are beautiful and attractive with superb performance delivered by them. Thus, Majnu 3/4th days worldwide box office collection has generated revenue of Rs. 4.72 crores.

Majnu 3/4th Days Box Office Collection in India

The film engaged as many as 500 screens in the Southern region which came up to35% of the total screens. Peoplelauded when the actors made an appearance under a wide angle frame with much style and poise. The lead actresses entrance made the entire hall stand-still as she looks utterly gorgeous. The domestic collection is not thatbad from the very 1st day thus continuing on the same note on the opening week as well. So, Majnu 3/4th days box office collection in India has generated revenue of Rs. 3.70 crores.

Majnu 3rd/4th Days Overseas Collection

Released mainly in US, UK, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia, and so on, The Telugu language film is doing well at the overseas box office business. Comparative to other counter-releases, it has garnered a fair amount of revenue and above average reviews from critics as well as audiences. Thus, Majnu 3/4th days box office collection in overseas has settled down to Rs. 1.02 crores.

Therefore, Nani’s latest Telugu venture is all set to add on the hit list of his career making third down the line. His previous films were back-to-back hits thus making this one a hat trickall in all. Majnu 3/4th days total worldwide box office collection might help earn more revenue as it has the probability to perform well at the upcoming weekend.

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