Madam Secretary Season 3 Air Date, Speculation, Spoilers: How will Elizabeth McCord handle the brewing tension in Algeria?

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Madam Secretary Season 3

Madam Secretary Season 3: Madam Secretary, the American political drama that has been airing on CBS since 2014 is coming back for fans with a third season in early October. The show, that has garnered numerous followers from all over the world and has been widely acclaimed by critics’ reviews everywhere was renewed for Season 3 back in March this year, even before Season 2 reached its conclusion. Now as the air date for Madam Secretary Season 3 inches closer, fans are excited to see Tea Leoni‘s Elizabeth McCord return to television and make some major changes to the running of the state, while at the same time battling issues surrounding her domestic life.

Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 1 is supposed to be titled “Sea Change“, and it has been directed by none other than Morgan Freeman. In the premiere episode, Elizabeth McCord is expected to implore President Dalton to make some changes in his approach towards handling the issues of climate change in conjunction with his overall foreign policy in light of current international issues. But this is likely to cause tension between the two as making any radical changes could affect the possibility of Conrad Dalton being re-elected as president.

Alongside her professional affairs being in choppy waters, Elizabeth McCord will have some serious issues to deal with on the homefront in the show’s ensuing episodes. Jason, Elizabeth and Henry McCord’s son, will be the victim of a computer hacking; the incident will serve as a hint that the McCord family may be in grave danger. Following the occurrence, the family’s security detail will be amped up to ward off the unknown threat.

In the second episode, rumoured to be titled “The Linchpin,” Elizabeth will put to use her vast experience in politics to tactfully handle a difficult negotiation for a change in the Algerian government as the threat of a civil war keeps brewing. However, she will be met with an unexpected difficulty when Roy Curtis, the trustedU.S. Ambassador to Algeria, dies suddenly.

Madam Secretary Season 3 will premiere on the CBS Network on October 2, 2016. The second episode, The Linchpin, is scheduled to be aired on October 16.

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