Madaari Review and Rating: Excellent Movie with a Slow Approach

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Madaari Review and Rating

The promise of a gripping social thriller Madaari begins with Irrfan Khan and ends with him. A storyline that is quite interesting claim attention with the intense reason that strikes a chord with you. The cancer of society ‘the corruption’ that comes with the big price that can engulf the entire society only to be perished ultimately. The dialogue of  Irrfan’s:“Baaz chuhe pe jhapta, use utha le gaya. Kahaani sacchi lagti hai magar acchi nahi lagti. Baaz pe palatwaar hua, kahaani sacchi nahi lagti magar acchi lagti hai” is just apt for the movie too. Madaari that released today talks about it. So here is the review and rating of Madaari for you.

The Plot of Madaari

Madaari is the story of a common man Nirmal Kumar (Irrfan) who loses his son in a tragedy caused by corruption and decides to seek justice by kidnapping the son of the country’s home minister (Tushar Dalvi). Jimmy plays the celebrated cop who heads the search operation. Those who have seen the trailer can automatically expect the possible storyline. But the movie is much above the plot. Thus, the tagline is so apt along with the title, ‘Shhh…. Desh So Raha Hai’

Review of Madaari

Madaari is like some of those cocktails that got all the ingredients right still something missing. Critically acclaimed actors Irrfan and Jimmy Shergill, an engrossing plot and brilliant direction and editing. Everything was accurate but still it failed to stir those emotions that were expected from such a serious movie that has a serious issue to reflect. The society and individual life that gets churn up here. The movie has some extraordinary scenes with the child actor Vishesh Bansal.

The inaugurating scene is reminiscent of Neeraj Pandey’s national award-winning film A Wednesday. The worse part is the movie tried to focus on many issues and lost the control, like price hike, the police system, corrupt politicians, farmer suicides, infrastructure, etc.. the time span it took worked in a negative way for the movie.

The Thumbs Up

  • the acting of all the stars specially Irrfan and Jimmy.
  • The subject.
  • The songs.
  • Vishesh Bansal, who played the role of the kidnapped kid.

The Thumbs Down

  • the pace, it is too slow to maintain the interest.
  • Irrfan’s talent got misused as he is not used properly by the makers. He could have done much better if the script supported him.
  • Too many issues marred the intensity.

The Review and Rating of Madaari

At times it is too difficult to give ratings to the movies, that has a star who is someone whose talent cannot be judged by everyone. But still when its part of your job you have to do that and with integrity; exactly the way, the movie has tried to show you the reality. But it is unfortunate that a Nishikant Kamat movie got such a basic treatment! And for that, we are giving the movie 2 out of 5, though it is a must watch for the Irrfan’s fan.

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