Maanja (2016) Movie Review, Rating, Cast, Total Box Office Collection, Verdict

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Maanja (2016)

Having been released on September 30, Maanja (2016) is an emotional thriller suspense which deals with the theme of juvenile delinquencies that is seen happening in the slums of India. This new movie under a simply versatile concept falls under Telugu language and is already making the big amount in the box office collection. The story revolves around four friends who are provoked in planning a murder of a senior police officer. Well, the Telugu industry has always been beyond expectations when it comes to cinema, and here we are with the fantastic movie Maanja. Therefore, now let us have a look and discuss the information on Maanja (2016) review, rating, cast, crew, box office collection in a much more strategic manner.


Maanja (2016) Cast and Crew

  • Kishan Shrikanth
  • Esha Deol
  • Avika Gor
  • Deep Pathak
  • Naresh Dingri
  • Jaya Karthik
  • Shravanthi Sainath
  • Anees Bazmee
  • Director: Kishan Shrikanth
  • Producer: Giridhar Mamidipally
  • Script or Screenplay Writer: Kishan Shrikanth
  • Music Director: Vivek Kar, Manoj Srihari, Kishan

Maanja (2016) Movie Review

Maanja (2016) is a movie which has a theme of juvenile offences. The movie is, however, less commercial and more of an actual film with vast information. Often, while making a film many fail to attract the audiences, but here it is something different. From the very first day after the trailer got eyed by all audiences, many waited for its release. And when you get the opportunity to see the lovely and amazing ‘Balika-Badhu‘ girl, Avika Gor on the silver screen? Indeed you do not want to miss the chance! Well, not only Avika Gor, but also the film star many real artists including Esha Deol (daughter of the Dream-girl Hema), Deep Pathak and many more. When talked about the trailer what attracted the audiences is when Esha was asked and answered that the only thing she can say is that “they are innocent“. Therefore, you can now imagine how the movie rocked on the silver screen. The overall movie review, however, was not bad. In fact it grabbed almost all audiences’ attention.

Maanja (2016) Movie Rating

Critics Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Audience Response: 4 out of 5 stars.

Direction: 4 out of 5 stars.

Acting: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Background Score: 4 out of 5 stars.

Maanja (2016) 1st Day (Opening Day) Box Office Collection In India

With the graceful and beautiful Avika Gor and her mind-blogging acting skill the movie has released across all parts in India. The first-day box office collection of this particular movie was around  95 Lakhs in the opening day, it was expected that the movie collection of Maanja (2016) would surely be rocking with a bang.

 Maanja (2016) Audience Response

It is true that editing and VFX for a film matter the most. Editing is somewhat the way through which a film can get connected to the audience hearts. Therefore, for every film, its editing matter the most, irrespective of acting and direction. And this particular film, the editor has used the correct brush to stroke marks in audiences’ minds. Apart from the acting and direction of this particular motion picture, the audiences have loved its background and scenic beauty. Romance and thrill are somewhat two sides of a coin when the film Maanja (2016) is concerned. Indeed the ‘Balika-Badhu‘ girl has increased her fan followers after this movie has been released. And Esha too did not fail to do her part. Her acting has been loved by all her fans which have resulted in making the fan’s list all the longer. Overall, the movie has been loved by all its audiences.

Maanja (2016) The Bouquet Factor or the Brickbat Factor

When we talk about the bouquet factor isn’t Avika’s smile says it all? Well, definitely! But her acting too made her fans think that acting too is her ‘wow‘ factor. The ‘kiss’ factors are in a long list. But certain things in the movie are amazingly portrayed. The theme revolves around juvenile delinquencies and to match the theme with the acting the leading roles have not made any mistake in that. Apart from Avika’s performance, ‘Life of Pi‘ famed Shravanthi Sainath also starred in this movie. Esha Deol, Deep Pathak were mind blowing. But when talking about the Brickbat factor, only one thing strikes. That is the acting of the supporting actors could have been a bit better. Thus, the movie gains more kiss factors and certain slap factors as well.

Maanja (2016) Final Verdict

For the Telugu industry, Maanja (2016) has been one of the best projects. People will definitely watch this movie as a ‘one time movie’. But interests surrounds it all! And because of the interest, the movie would be loved by all the audiences if they are attempting to watch the movie second or third time. This is where the editor wins, and the all the credit goes to the editor along with the director and the actors as well; along with the entire cast and crew of Maanja (2016). So, visit the theatres near you and completely enjoy the Telugu thriller ‘Maanja’, without any hesitation. Below is the trailer for all our fellow audiences.

Maanja (2016) Trailer

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