Luke Cage : Spoiler Alert, Premiere Date and Speculations

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Luke Cage

Marvel’s Luke Cage is all set to premiere its series on Netflix on September 28 and as per reports, it is stated that the series will introduce the Hire team with the much talked about superheroes. The American comic by Marvel Comics featured the fictional superhero Luke Cage which was developed by Archie Goodwin, George Tuska and John Romita, Sr. However, the creator of the series is Cheo Hadari Choker.

According to a report by International Business Times the creator of the Luke Cage series Cheo Hadari Choker has said that the viewers might get to see the team in the second season because the focus right now is given to the character of Luke played by Mike Colter. Hodari also added that the season 1 of Luke Cage would show how a hero evolves, and the most interesting part about Luke is that he is just like any other average guy because that’s how he portrays himself. Luke doesn’t pretend but also knows his responsibilities.

Spoiler Alert:If rumours are to be believed, Luke will be witnessed collaborating with a Superhero from Marvel, Iron Fist which will be depicted by Finn Jones. But this collaboration might not be seen in the first season.

The storyline of Luke Cage revolves around a man who is accused of wrong allegations and how he escapes from the prison to transform into a superhero for Hire. Luke Cage happens to be one of the favourite characters among avid comic book readers. And now with its introduction of the series on Netflix, the viewers are all set to release their curiosity buds. The viewers have already witnessed Luke Cage appearing on Marvel’s Jessica Jones. However, watching the superhero on the all new Netflix series will be a treat for the eyes for all the viewers.

Marvel’s Luke Cage gained animmense popularity among people with its perfect depiction of the scenarios in the comic books. Luke cage is known as the undaunted man from Harlem and the way he overcomes the scenarios of a wrongly accused person to become a superhero for Hire is highly acknowledged as well as appreciated by the people.

And now the viewers are eagerly waiting for Luke Cage to premiere on Netflix.

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