Lucifer Season 3 Spoilers: Amenadiel and Maze to Come Together in Premier Episode

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Lucifer Season 3 Spoilers

Lucifer Season 3: The second installment of Lucifer is still ongoing and FOX has already renewed the drama television series for a new season. The showrunners will be delivering 22 brand new episodes for Lucifer Season 3 and the fans just cannot stop themselves from speculating the happenings of the installment.

Amenadiel and Maze to Come Together in Lucifer Season 3?

The viewers are quite aware of the relationship which Amenadiel shares with Maze and both of them coming together in the premiere episode of Lucifer Season 3 can be highly speculated, as Yibada points out. The report also highlights that Maze’s husband will come into the picture in the nineteenth episode of Lucifer Season 2 which will be titled Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith. A lot of questions have already started pouring in from the viewers’ end and a lot more revelations might be made after the second half of Lucifer Season 2 kick-starts from May 1.

The thirteenth episode of the second season essayed how Lucifer goes back to hell in order to figure out an antidote for Chloe. The episode also emphasized on how Lucifer’s mother tries her utmost to get him back from hell. Therefore, the upcoming episode titled as Candy Morningstar will surely have a lot to disclose.

The second half of Lucifer Season 2 is anticipated to escalate its intensity level as quite a lot of unanswered questions might get solved with the revelation of few things. But we need to wait for few more months in order to get an insight into all of that. And it is highly speculated that the third season of Lucifer will gain a much more impressive rating than the previous two seasons.

The release date for Lucifer Season 3 has not been announced by FOX yet, but the showrunners are expected to start off with its production soon. Come back for more updates about the upcoming installment as they surface. Meanwhile, you can watch the promo for Lucifer Season 2 Episode 14 below.

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