Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5: Uriel and Lucifer’s Fight Will Keep You Intrigued Throughout, Check the Promo Out

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5

Lucifer season 2 episode 5:Another compelling episode of the second season of Lucifer is approaching and the recently released promo has already tickled the curiosity buds of the fans. However, the speculations regarding Lucifer season 2 episode 5 started pouring in right after the synopsis details of the episode was made available on the internet. The approaching episode of the season titled as “The Weaponizer” will highlight few of the intense scenarios as Lucifer will be witnessed investigating the mysterious reason behind the murder of Wesley Cabot, with a heavy heart as Wesley happens to be his favourite action hero. The intensity level of the plotline will escalate right after the fight between Lucifer and Uriel regarding Chloe as well as their mother gets triggered. And the glimpses of it shown in the promo promises the viewers to keep them hooked on to the episode throughout.

The promo of Lucifer season 2 episode 5 which was released almost four days back created quite a lot of buzz among the viewers as it indicates that the characters of the series will bring out the exact requirement of the scenarios with utmost perfect. The potency level of the promo sets in right from the very beginning as Uriel and Lucifer has a face off as Uriel says “Bring mom to me or else I will finish what I started to protect you”, and right after that the engrossing fight scenes taking place between both of them is shown. The fans just cannot hold their patience for too long after witnessing all of it and getting an insight into the happenings of Lucifer season 2 episode 5.

The previous episode of the ongoing season titled as “Lady Parts” acquired an innumerable number of positive responses from the fans as it could depict the happenings of the plotline with extreme excellence. The episode portrayed how Lucifer and Chloe embarkon a journey of figuring out the murderers of two L.A transplants who were killed due to consuming poison. The makers of the show were successful enough to keep the fans hooked on the plotline of Lucifer season 2 right from its very first episode titled as “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer”. As, Chloe and Lucifer were witnessed investigating another murder mystery, and one more interesting part of the episode was when Lucifer gets to know whether Chloe has trust in him or not.

Each and every episode of the season which has been telecasted till date kept up with the expectations of the fans. Even the third and the fourth episode of the ongoing season titled as “Liar Liar Slutty Dress On Fire” and “Sin Eater” could deliver the same amount of intensity level which had kept the fans hooked on to the episodes. And now that the makers of the show have already raised the standards the plotline the viewers are expecting the potency level to be higher in Lucifer season 2 episode 5.

Nevertheless, the crime drama series stars actors such as Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, D.B Woodside and Rachael Harris in the lead roles.

However, let’s wait till the coming Monday to get more insight into the happenings of Lucifer season 2 episode 5.

Check out the promo of Lucifer season 2 episode 5 below

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