Lucifer Season 2 Episode 11 Might Bring Lucifer and Chloe Closer

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 11Quite a lot of fans were left with a dispirited heart when the approaching episode of Lucifer Season 2 got postponed as its tenth episode titled as “Quid Pro Ho” ended with a cliffhanger. It depicted how Charlotte tried her utmost to turn Chloe against Lucifer and how desperately she wanted him to leave Earth. And now it seems that Lucifer Season 2 Episode 11 has a lot is store for the fandom as it might bring Chloe and Lucifer closer this time.


As per a report by News Everyday, Charlotte might have a completely different plan for Lucifer and Chloe in the next episode of Lucifer Season 2 titled as “Stewardess Interruptus”. She might do something which will make them more attached to each other. The report also states that there are chances of Chloe’s past getting disclosed more this time. Therefore, her real identity will be the main focus of the episode.

The promo of Lucifer Season 2 Episode 11 which came out almost three weeks back promises viewers to escalate the intensity level of the episode right from the very beginning. The promo opens with Charlotte coming up to Lucifer to say “There is something important we need to discuss”. And Lucifer with much twitchiness on his face asks Charlotte “What have you done this time?” And it can be very well predicted by the promo that Chloe might be in major trouble as her nose will start bleeding.

By looking at all the speculations as well as the promo the approaching episode of Lucifer Season 2 is expected to be extremely intriguing for the viewers, as it might have all the possibilities to escalate the potency level of the plot line with every blink of an eye.

Nevertheless, Lucifer Season 2 Episode 11 will be telecast on Fox on January 16, 2017.

Check out the promo for the approaching episode of Lucifer Season 2 below.

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