L&T Infotech Snatches Offer Letter Amid Recruitment in Tamil Nadu

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L&T Infotech

One of the most renowned conglomerate Larsen & Toubro Infotech came up with an unusual step as of cancelling 1,500 offer letters of various engineering students amid recruitment in Tamil Nadu. The students are in total darkness as the campus placement procedures have almost finished and are under rage thus, seeking help from the government. In fact, few of the rejected students have also assured for fasting till death facing ill consequences.

Students came forward in masses confronting a leading news channel. All of them gave statements thus, seeming quite fumed over such “unprofessional” act. The statements as given from various students have been jotted down below.

  1. If you take the rules and regulations of all the colleges in and around Tamil Nadu into consideration, once you have got a placement in one company, you cannot apply or sit for another placement. So we got only one chance. The mail we have got now says our performance is not up to the mark, so our offer will be cancelled.

2. The struggle is much more, and it is unexplainable. We took loans to study in that particular college just to get placed. We are now in a position that we cannot answer the banks, and they are sending us a letter on a daily basis. They (L&T) kept us engaged in doing some work or the other and kept telling us not to panic; we will be giving you the joining date, and that increased our hopes.

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In a similar case, e-commerce giant Flipkart Inc. withdrew offer letter of MBA graduates from top notch institute of India, IIM-A after recruitment. They even discussed the salary which is mostly the last procedure during recruitment of candidates. Also, it asked some of its newly recruited candidates for “late joining”. When confronted, the conglomerate stated that they were under some business restructuring; thus, being the sole reason for joining date shifted to December 2016 as much as 6 months before the joining dates.

After such alarming steps by conglomerates in India, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have decided to provide “safety net” for its students. They are planning to give backup to students and apply re-recruitment processes so that future might not get hampered. Flipkart and L&T have done dis-honouring act to students who might not be healthy for such conglomerates.

HRD Ministry, Government of India, has rest assured to put light on a matter so that such act may not get repeated in near future.

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