Lowkey Lifesavers – 5 Organizations That Are Helping Combat COVID-19 And Not Bragging About It

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Helping Combat COVID-19

Linger too long In the COVID-19 newsfeed, and it’s easy to feel disheartened. The rising death toll, lengthy lockdowns, travel bans, and other restrictions are made all the more disturbing by the proliferation of fake news and conflicting misinformation. 

If you’re feeling a bit exhausted from the onslaught, we’re here to help you with a glimmer of positive news. Though some companies are attempting to hijack the pandemic as a marketing tool, there are plenty of wonderful people quietly lending a hand and asking for nothing in return. We’ve tracked down five of these humble heroes to brighten your day. 

1. Serviced office providers

In the wake of the sweeping lockdowns, many serviced offices around the world began offering free use of their furnished meeting spaces and offices to the people and organizations that are working towards combating COVID-19. They’ve done this during a time when remote working has risen up and seems poised to replace the old office-based work paradigm, even after the lockdowns are lifted. Faced with uncertainty regarding the future of their business model, these companies have elevated quietly contributing to the community over pushing for profits, which is why they’ve earned a place on this list.  

Helping Combat COVID-19

2. Women’s self-help groups in India

Across the nation, members of women’s self-help groups (SHGs) have banded together to create a monumental response to the spreading virus. In addition to producing face masks, sanitizers, detergents, and protective gear, these women are getting food to those who need it, educating the populace on the best hygiene practices, and aggressively combating the spread of dangerous misinformation. 

3. The Vietnamese army

Though the world seems not to have noticed, Vietnam has done a stunning job of containing COVID-19, with no deaths, no new cases in weeks, 83% of current cases cured, and the remaining new patients in quarantine. Much of this success can be attributed to the humble work of the Vietnamese army. 

Soldiers have been sleeping outside so their barracks can be used for quarantined patients, and the nation’s military scientists were responsible for developing test kits that have been used by countries all around the world, including the US. One look at Vietnam’s COVID-19 statistics and the magnitude of this effort becomes apparent. 

4. Doctors without borders

When lockdowns and travel bans are put in place, the world shrinks down to encompass only your local area. Though most of us have little choice in this, since the best way for us to help out is to follow the spread-prevention guidelines, it’s still good to know that there are organizations dedicated to helping hard-hit countries that are short on resources. 

Helping Combat COVID-19

Doctors Without Borders is one such organization. They have been sending aid, strengthening infection controls, perfecting disease-management protocols, and bolstering their existing services in more than 70 developing nations.

5. Breweries and distilleries 

Across the world, breweries and distilleries have modified their production lines to produce an entirely different kind of alcohol – hand sanitizer. At first glance, you might assume they’re just trying to make an extra buck. However, as it turns out, this isn’t a profitable shift for them. Many breweries have handed their new products out for free, both to the general public and to charitable organizations. 

All across the world, people are working together to bring about positive change in the midst of this global crisis. Whenever you feel like times are dark, think about the organizations listed above and remember that despite everything we’ve been through, the human spirit is geared towards good. 

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