Love… If You Miss It, You Miss Life!

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When we do not recognize the feelings of the others, we make them feel like a commodity. Look into your love deeply and you will recognize that you love others, not for what they are but for what they are when you were with them. Others too love you, not for what they are but for what they can be when they are with you.

Similarly, loneliness is not because you do not have people around you. Loneliness is felt when you do not find something who can understand your feelings.

But love is recognized as love only when we respect the feelings of the other. Whether those feelings are right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate is a secondary issue. Their primary need is to know as to whether we respect their feelings or not. People will come up with your solutions only if they know that these solutions are coming from people who love them. The need to feel respected is far greater than the need to improve. So, love feeds the heart first before it even attempts to feed the mind.

Starvation of love is in essence starvation of touch. Love and Touch are synonymous. To every child, touch is oneness and this oneness is their only understanding of love. We have seen every time when the child cried out of insecurity, some adult who held it close to their body comforted the child as they had grown up in the arms, shoulders and the lap of adults. Hugging is the most secure of all experiences for them.

However, as the children grow, we adults withdraw ourselves from touching them. Once we stop touching them, they become touch-starved and this makes them love-starved. Even if you provide all materialistically possible things to them but the heart keeps longing for touch. If you miss this touch therapy now, you will be too late to cry for love when you will touch the dead body. Perhaps, you may not know that the people who cry the loudest at a funeral are usually the one who did not touch the one who died enough when they were still alive.


Some people ask, “Why do people we love hurt us? Hurt is a confirmation that there is a love in the relationship. It may not happen to the stranger. The very fact is that the hurt is a confirmation that it has come from someone you love. Love hurts, and if hurts, it is love. If you give up love because it hurts, then we are left with no other alternatives than loneliness, despair, and death.

Actually, the real moon was never disturbed; only its reflection was. True love is exactly the same. Hurt is the ripple s, but with time, love settles down to confirm that love was, love is and love will be.

Frankly speaking, love deepens with everything that is right and it refuses to diminish for everything that is wrong. The four alphabets word – LOVE – is the only an ‘unquestionable truth’ that is needed and if you miss it, you miss life.

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