Love and money, financial advice for couples

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Winning, saving, spending and investing are the fundamental financial premises of any person. When your partner’s priorities are not synchronized with yours, money can become the reason for separation. Working with your partner towards financial freedom is a fundamental part to guarantee the harmony of any relationship. The money will not be a source of conflict and instead will become a way to express your deepest values amid the comfort and safety of both.

Learn to have fun without much money

A bike ride, walking in the park, making food at home, attending a free concert or eating an ice cream are some of the opportunities you have to spend time with your partner without having to invest a lot.

Pay attention to your partner’s financial habits

The fact that your partner is fun, attractive and with a very good job does not mean that you are fiscally responsible. Before committing, identify how you handle the big issues of real life, including your personal finances.

Talk about your dreams and goals with your partner

Almost everything they will do for the rest of their lives will cost money. Make sure your partner’s goals are compatible with yours.

Financial matters always clear

If your partner is moving slowly to your home, one night you bring your toothbrush, have some clothes to change, among other things, do not let this take you by surprise. Have a discussion with your partner about leases, household expenses, and other issues that touch your pocket before it is too late.

Create a cohabitation agreement in writing

By clarifying your intentions in writing, you will help avoid misunderstandings and costly disagreements later. In most cases, the agreement will be enforceable in court.

Plan carefully before borrowing with your partner

Determine in advance who will be responsible for the debts incurred during the relationship. In the absence of an agreement, each will be responsible for the debts for which he has signed, so the money has been used by both. You can try a safe and fast loan like wage day advance.

Plan with time after marriage to minimize taxes

Although the conjugal society is not a taxpayer, each person must declare the assets that are in his name, in case he is obliged to declare and to pay the income tax that is generated. This allows some couples to decide to distribute the goods in such a way that neither of them is forced to declare rent. It is also used to put the goods in the name of the two so that each one is responsible for paying 50% of the tax they have.

Try to pay for the wedding in cash and not get into debt

If you are the ones who pay for your wedding, it is better to pay cash instead of getting into debt. When making the party take care of your joint finances and think if a luxurious and expensive party is justified. Consider having a small gathering in memory of your love, and then having a bigger party when you have the money.

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