Looking to buy Tata Safari Dicor? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Tata Safari

Tata Safari Dicor has been one of the most favourite SUVs in India because of its heavy looks, comfortable features and reliability. This good-looking SUV was launched in the year 2007 and is still famous among the Indian SUV lovers. There might be many SUV’s available in today’s market, but nothing still stands in front of Safari Dicor, because of its hunky looks and reliability.

If you are looking forward to buy safari dicor, then this detailed analysis review can further help you to make your decision.

Some Exciting Features of Tata Safari Dicor

Tata Safari Dicor is still the best choice for the SUV critics in India because of its following features: —

Quality in Ride

If you love long drives without any hassle, then Safari Dicor may become your great companion because of its bump free and comfortable driving. You cannot blame the Indian government for bad roads or no roads in the rural areas, but you can for sure buy yourself a new Safari Dicor to get out of all such worries. This amazing SUV can go up to 700 kms without even making a noise. Although the turning radius of this car is a bit larger, but still this is a good SUV for any kind of road. This car can give an average of around 15-16 km/liter on highways and 10-13 km/liter on busy roads, which is good considering its large body.

Tata Safari

Solid Built Quality

Tata Safari Dicor has been designed with the superior quality body and chassis that cannot get damaged with minor accidents. It has been designed considering the all-terrain conditions. The exterior of this SUV is designed with 3 slate grille with a chrome-laden, and square shaped headlamps. The rear section of Safari Dicor also looks stunning with a large bumper, spare wheel, and chunky tail lamps.

Engine Features

The Tata Safari Dicor has a 2.2 DOHC VTT diesel engine, with a power of around 140bhp, and torque power of 138Nm, at 2500rpm, with a 5-gear manual transmission. This powerful engine is enough to let the Safari Dicor climb up the high heel roads with sharp turns and curves quite smoothly. This SUV is also suitable for heavy loads and can bear up to 700 kgs of load very easily, without making any sound.

Interior Features

Although the interiors of the Dicor don’t look much attractive, with rigid plastic and monotone dull grey color combination, but still it suits the looks of a hunky SUV. This SUV is good for a large family of more than 5 members. One very good feature that I found in the Dicor is that the back seats are foldable, so that you can fold them when not in use to make space for putting some items, and then unfold them to make seats for 2 passengers. It has adequate under thigh supports, enough headroom, and legroom.

The Tata Safari Dicor is available at a price range from INR 9.5 to 15.5 Lakhs, which is reasonable considering its features and built quality.

So! What’s Your Opinion?

If you are an old proud customer of Tata Safari Dicor or willing to buy a new one, then we welcome you to share your experiences and views with us. You can check out more details about the car at Autoportal.com.

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