Looking For The Best Led Grow Light For The Money? Know More!

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Looking For The Best Led Grow Light For The Money? Know More!: LED grow lights uses light emitting diodes (LED) to produce lights and hence, the name. This type of light uses semiconductor and electroluminescence to successfully generate light.

It has been successful in giving competition to HID grow lights which have been favorites of indoor planters for a very long time. One of the major reasons for such a development in favor of LED lights is that in the case of LED, the wavelength of the light can be controlled, thereby giving the planters the advantage of adjusting the intensity of the lights. Tiny reflectors are used in LED to make the lights more focused.

Factors To Be Considered Before Choosing LED To Grow Lights

There are a few factors that should be kept in mind while deciding which LED grow light is to be purchased which are as follows:

First, you have to choose which type of plant you will grow as this will affect your choice of light. There is full cycle LED grow lights available in the market which helps to grow the plants from seedling to flower. There are also lights which are designed for specific purposes. The choice will also depend on whether you are growing flowers, vegetables or fruits.

  • Growing space

This means the space which is occupied by your vegetation. There is a specific light wattage which is required for a specific growing space. For example, if your growing space is about thirty square feet, then you would require 960-1100 watt LED grow light.

This calculation is based on the assumption that the plant is growing in a congregated area and the plant requires a lot of light. Low light plant such as lettuces requires only 10-11 watt per square foot.

Different Types Of LED Grow Lights

If your plantation requires light right from the starting when it is in the form of seedling until the time of harvest, then you should go for full cycle lights. However, depending on the type of vegetation you may require the light only for the vegetative or blooming stage.

LED lights designed for high-light plants are of three types:

  1. Single channel lights

This type of LED is cheapest of all LED lights. It can only be switched on or off with no different modes available. This type of light is recommended if the plantation requires same intensity of light throughout the lifecycle.

  1. Two channel lights

This type of LED grows lights has two modes namely Veg and Bloom mode. These are more flexible lights as compared to single channel because it provides an option of adjusting the intensity of light according to the state of the plants.

  • Programmable lights

This is the most advanced piece of technology in the field of LED grow lights. It provides an attractive function such as light scheduling, spectrum customization, and of course, intensity alteration. This will make growing plants indoors extremely effortless. But its cost is much higher.


You need to make a wise choice for the best led grow light for the money. You need to consider the cost-effectiveness of high-end LED lights, and the functionality of cheap LED grow lights. Type of vegetation and the profit that you expect to make out of it should also be considered as a deciding factor.

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