London Attacks: 7 Arrests Later, London Still Looks For Answers

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London Attacks

London Attacks: The British police today arrested seven people on the suspicion that they were involved in the deadly London terror attacks. In armed raids, the police today picked up these people; while no details have been divulged on the reasons behind the arrests, the needle of suspicion is towards the “Islamist-related” attacks on the world’s oldest parliament and an abiding symbol of democracy.

File image of the London Terror Attacks

Mark Rowley, who is London’s top anti-terror officer, stated that the police had revised the list of people slain in Wednesday’s rampage. Initial reports suggested that 4 people had been killed. The number now stands at 3. 40 people have also been wounded. Rowley also stated that the police had searched six addresses and arrested 7 people.

The raids were conducted on suspected hideouts in London and the central city of Birmingham. The British Parliamentarians today returned to the House of Commons in an act of defiance and solidarity. British lawmaker Mary Creagh told the international news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) that while there was a sense of panic among the common people of the great city, the people were not out. Still, many ordinary people have blamed Islamic terrorism and radical Islam as being the source of such great pain. A nearby hospital, St. Thomas Hospital, is treating people with serious injuries.

The London Terror Attacks started when the attacker ran over several pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge. The attacker then charged at a cop guarding the parliament where he stabbed the latter with a large knife. This is the second-deadliest incident in the city since 2005 when bus-bombs had paralysed the city. Armed police officers shot the attacker dead. However, two members of the public and the policeman, 48 years old, had already been killed by then.

Rampant rumour-mongering and hatemongering are on after the attacks were reported. Multiple agencies have shown a picture of a woman in a hijab walking by an injured man on the bridge with her phone in hand, apparently nonchalant to her surroundings. A photo believed to be of the attacker on what seemed to be an ambulance stretcher showed a man in black clothes and a beard.

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