List of things to experience for free in Rome

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Listening about free and Rome in one sentence is often a dream come true. While getting to Rome and finding a place to stay can be a bit of a budget hassle, there are a number of activities that you can get done for free when in this beautiful capital of Italy. While many people have this notion that Rome is just about Colosseum and the delectable Italian food, the place has a lot more to offer. You will often find a long list of touristy things that you can do by paying a lot of money while in Rome, but we have something else in mind for you. In here, we will be sharing a list of free things one can do while in Rome. Let’s get this rolling, shall we?

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St. Peter’s Basilica

If you have been thinking of visiting the Vatican, you should visit the showcase Basilica there. It doesn’t cost you anything but can put you in a long queue before you get to the site finally. It is always best suggested to explore and witness the Michelangelo’s Pietà statue and Bernini’s baldachin there.

Experience for free in Rome

Piazza Navona

Yet another amazing thing you can do is explore the beautiful site of Piazza Navona for free. The daily circus events and street performers there are set to take your breath away. Apart from that, you can also get to witness a plethora of aspiring artists around the street exploring their art out on display.

Trevi Fountain

Throwing coins in fountains for wishes is quite common, right? The same is quite popular in Rome as well in the Trevi Fountain. According to popular belief, it is said that throwing a coin into the fountain can make your wishes come true. Just ensure to throw the coin over your shoulder.

Via Margutta

If you are up for a relaxing stroll, Via Margutta is a good enough place for that. If you have seen the popular movie, Roman Holiday starring Aubrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, you would know this place right off the bat. Taking a stroll along this spot can actually take you back in the memories.

Villa Borghese

Yet another one of the spots around in Rome that one should visit is the Villa Borghese. This is one of the most popular parks around that has attracted the tourists for decades. It is situated in shaded walkways which further adds to the beauty of the place. It also has a number of excellent museums littering the place.

Jewish Ghetto

If you have some affinity towards art and culture relating to the Jewish tradition, you will love visiting the Jewish Ghetto. The place is jam-packed with artisan studios, vintage apparel shops and even a number of Kosher bakeries for you to try out their traditional buns and cakes.

visiting Rome

Chiesa di Santa Prassede

If you want to explore one of the most underrated places around in Rome, Chiesa di Santa Prassede is one of them. This church is often missed out on by the majority of the tourists. The major point of attraction in this is the beautiful Byzantine compositions which are among the best in the entirety of Rome.

Gianicolo Hill

If you are fond of architecture and love to indulge in traditional, ancient as well as modern architecture, visiting the Gianicolo Hill is one of the best options you can do for free. Bramante’s Tempietto, which is also known as the little temple is most possibly one of the most popular building since the High Renaissance.

Largo di Torre Argentina

This place is one of the favourites amidst the tourists. If you are into investigations and detectives, you would know that a number of modern investigators have depicted this as the spot where Julius Caesar was murdered. It is believed to have been conducted in the Area Sacra.

It is just a small list of the “Free” things you can do in Rome. If you go there, we are pretty sure; there is a lot more to it.

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