Limited Edition Fiat 500-60th, Celebrating Fiat 500’s 60th Anniversary, Launched

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Fiat 500’s 60th Anniversary

One of the most iconic cars in the whole world is the Fiat 500. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Fiat is launching a new limited edition Fiat 500-60th. This new model is markedly different from the existing Fiat 500. keeping in mind the car’s legacy, some tweaks have been added to the limited edition car which makes it even more worthy of the heritage. Currentlyon sale only in the UK, deliveries will begin starting the 4th of July.

Over six million Fiat 500s are known to have been sold globally in the last 60 years. Being a limited edition, the new Fiat 500-60th will come with certain charms: only around 250 units will make their way to the UK. The first 60 units will come with a certificate of authentication and an individual numbered plate.

The new cars will have under the hood three engine options. The most impressive of the three engines is a 1.2-litre petrol variant with 68 bhp of peak power. There are two 0.9 litre TwinAir motors which make 84 bhp and 104 bhp respectively. Expect the three engines to be mated to transmission options which will also include a manual gearbox besides Fiat’s Dualogic gearbox.

A word on the design and styling of the new car. This special edition Fiat 500-60th comes with a gray fabric roof which, when combined with the Dolcevita bi-colour paintwork, combines the heritage and legacy of the new car splendidly. A tri-coat white theme for the body of the car nicely connotates the pastel ivory designed for the bonnet and pillars. Some of the other features also include a chrome cover for external mirrors besides a special 16-inch alloy wheel setup. These alloy wheels have a white diamond finish in order to bring some semblance with the original Fiat 500 from six decades ago. Fiat is said to be considering badging the car with vintage Fiat logos of yore besidesa bespoke 500-60th insignia. The letters ‘6’ and ‘0’ will be featured prominently beside the 500.

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