Life Sentence Given to 11 Gulbarg Society Convicts

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Gulbarg Society Convicts

The 2002 Gujarat riot that is considered to be the darkest massacre after the independence of the country has been given judgment. The 11 convicts of the massacre were rewarded with lifetime imprisonment of 14 years. The Gujarat High Court has stated the massacre as the darkest and the saddest massacre of the nation after the independence.

Gulbarg Society Convicts

During the Gujarat riots, 69 people were killed with much more injured badly. Among the dead people, the Congress MP Ehsan Jafri was also one. He was killed for the reason that he hid many Muslims in his house. He was killedalongwith all those Muslims. Many were even not found anywhere and were presumed to be dead.

The incident is the worst massacre that the nation witnessed. Many criticized it by saying that there was no difference spotted between this one and the Jalianwala Baagh incident in which the innocent and disarmed people were killed.

After the Sabarmati Express train incident, a block of 30 residential complexes of the Muslims was blocked and set on fire. A few days ago the convicts of the Sabarmati Express incident were also given punishment.

However, the court also did not bar the government from being unable to get them released. This means they are under the bailable section of punishment.

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