LG V30 Could Come with Thinner Bezels Sans the Secondary Ticker Display

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LG V30

LG V30: The world of flagship smartphones is one that moves at a breathtaking pace. A new smartphone is only in the news as long as it is still to come, and the moment it hits the market, the world starts contemplating about what wonders the next device in the line may pack in. The case is no different for the LG V20. Before its release, everyone was looking forward to the handset that was supposed to be the first Android smartphone to come with Android Nougat out of the box. But now just months after its release, speculations are on about what the LG V30 will be like. And if rumours are true, then the upcoming flagship entry will be quite different from its predecessors.

Expect the LG V30 smartphone to be quite different from the V20.

The LG V30 has been a matter of intrigue since before the V20 was even rolled out in select markets of the world. This could owe itself to the fact that the South Korean electronics company has been pretty brave in their experimentations. The LG G5 was one such example, and even though it was not very well received, the modular aesthetics that LG chose to incorporate was undoubtedly seen as a bold move. But at the same time, they are known to be quite adaptable to the current demands of the market. According to the official renders, the upcoming LG G6 will ditch the modular design and go for a more traditional yet sophisticated look, being made entirely out of glass and metal. Another notable thing is the inclusion of curved corners on its 5.7-inch display and the minimalistic bezels. So going by this drastic transition, can we assume that the LG V30 will take a similar stance?

LG V30 To Come With Smaller Bezels?

One of the most significant features about the V20 and the earlier V10 was the use of a secondary ticker display above the main screen. However, there have been reports about the consumer electronics company ditching this particular design for the third iteration of its high-end flagship device. The LG V30 will reportedly sport a more traditional, single screen display style, as opposed to its predecessors. The reasons for scrapping this signature feature is not known for certain, but there are two distinct possibilities.

The first one is, the secondary ticker on the earlier smartphones, while certainly a novelty, was perceived as a cause of inconvenience by a lot of users. So perhaps LG is abandoning it with the same vision that led them to ditch the G5’s modular structure for the G6. The second reason, however, is one that interests us more. The smartphone world is one where a lot depends upon current trends, and one of these is the use of smaller bezels. The secondary screen on the LG V20 was useful no doubt with its non-intrusive functions that acted as a perfect extension of the main screen. But Evan Blass has teased on Twitter that there is something even better on the way. Could this be a hint that the LG V30 might sport a single screen display with thinner bezels, leading to an even more enviable screen to body ratio than the upcoming G6? With every renowned device that is coming up adapting this feature for a sleeker look, this may well be a possibility.

There are other possibilities too, and it might mean that the company will finally up the display quality to an AMOLED one with the LG V30. And they might find some other way to incorporate the secondary display function. While speculations rage on, Blass claims to have actual renders of the LG V30’s design which he is not releasing at the moment. But he did hint that there’s a lot to be excited about, so perhaps the company aims to surprise consumers with something completely new? Only time can tell.

Meanwhile, we have the G6’s release to look forward to. The upcoming smartphone was earlier speculated to come with the Snapdragon 835 chipset, but recent reports claim that the SD 821 could be more of a possibility. The device is expected to be released in late February, while the V30 will come out during the last part of the year. We hope to hear more about the latter after the release of the G6. Keep an eye on our site for more details.

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