LG Mosquito Away TV Series Launched, Price Begins at Rs. 26,900

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LG Mosquito Away TV Series Launched

TheSouth Korean consumer electronics company LG added a new range of television among the ‘Mosquito Away TV’ range. The weird name of the TV is because they repel mosquitoes. In India, the television is priced betweenRs. 26,900 and Rs. 47,500.


During the launch, LG said that the Mosquito Away TV was developed specifically for the Indian market keeping in mind what the Indian buyerswant. The TV set comesequipped with an Ultra Sonic device which once activated, uses the sound wave technology and makes mosquitoes fly away without emitting any harmful radiations. The company informed that the technology doesn’t use any chemicals, that usually toxic repellent and doesn’t require any refilling or any other maintenance. The television technology complies with the norms of the global organisation and has also been tested by International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology (IIBAT). The TV is also odourless.

During the launch,LG Electronics Director – Home Entertainment Howard Lee said: “LG is always introducing products based on Indian insights, making them more meaningful for the Indian consumers. The new Mosquito Away technology in television is an extension of this philosophy, transiting beyond viewing experience and indeed building a healthy environment at home.”

TheMosquito Away TV will be available at theprice of Rs. 26,900(for 32-inch) while 42-inchis available at a cost of Rs. 47,500.

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Though the who idea sounds weird,mosquito bites are a serious issue these days.Indian radio station Red FM had launched the initiative ‘Red FM Baja, Machchar Bhaga,’ to combat with the increasing cases of Malaria and Dengue in Delhi. What the are going to do is that they’llplay particular frequency between 14 kHz to 20 kHz under the music, which would shoo away mosquitoes. These days there are several gadgets and app thatthat claim to repel mosquitoes. So an anti-mosquito TV isn’t too far fetched.

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