LG G6 Rules Out Curved OLED Screen

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LG G6: We haven’t heard much lately about LG’s upcoming flagship but rest assured if you doubt whether they are making the handset. We’re got fresh news that seems to suggest that LG has decided against curved OLED screen for the G6 smartphone.

LG G6 is the successor to the modular G5 and was rumoured to come with a curved OLED screen and a new wireless charging system. According to Korean site ChosunBiz, the G6 won’t come with a curved OLED screen. The reason? LG isn’t ready for a mass production of OLED screens for their flagship phone. For now, the company can only manage to make small OLED screens for the Apple Watch and their own smartwatches. Undoubtedly this will set the company behind because Samsung has had dual curved OLED for its flagships since the Galaxy S6 Edge, while Apple is reportedly planning to use OLEDs for its next phone as well.

The LG G6 will sport a similar screen that features in the G5, a flat 5.3in 2560×1440 Quad HD LCD display. LG G6 will also retain the G5’s modular build, despite the latter’s poor market performance. Android Authority reports that LG spokesman Ken Hong clarified the matter in an interview with CNET. According to the former publication, “Speaking with CNET, Hong stated that LG would be sticking with its modular concept in the subsequent generation of G handsets. He also informs that the development of the LG V20 was already well underway by the time that the G5 hit the market, so the sales performance of the modular phone had no bearing on the V20’s design. Despite the growing similarities between the two aesthetic designs, LG seems happy enough to develop its G and V series with different goals and features.”

Speaking of LG V20, it’s worth recalling that the handset is the world’s first smartphone to come with the Android 7.0 Nougat running out of the box. Keeps your eyes glued on Fabnewz for more news and updates on LG G6.

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