Legends of Chamberlain Heights Season 2: Comedy Central to Premiere its Second Season?

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Legends of Chamberlain Heights Season 2

Legends of Chamberlain Heights Season 2 : The raunchy American animated adult television sitcom Legends of Chamberlain Heights made the grand premiere of its very first season on Comedy Central on September 14, 2016. And now the creators of the animated sitcom are mulling over the thought of delivering Legends of Chamberlain Heights Season 2. However, there haven’t been any official confirmation on the same yet. Soon after the premiere of the first season, the animated sitcom started receiving mixed reviews from the viewers. Some are quite liking the animated way of depicting a storyline, while most of them have found it quite annoying and are highly disappointed by the endeavour of the creators. It seems that the storyline of the animated series could not establish the scenario which the viewers were expecting out of it.

Legends of Chamberlain Heights essays the storyline of three friends Grover, Jamal and Milk who are high school freshmen. The first season of the animated sitcom opened with its first episode ‘Jamallies’. However, the first season could not keep most of the viewers engrossed to the animated sitcom. Viewers found the depiction extremely poor and thought that the character of Grover could not do wonders for them as he is obsessed with having sex. Even the characters of Jamal and Milk were not appealing as they could not set the level of interest for the viewers. The animation is not ‘out of the box either. Therefore, the creators of the adult animated series might feel that a lot of improvement is needed to be added in the next season.

Keeping all the negative points in mind the creators might mull over the fact that how all the positive factors should be added in the next season, and the viewers might get to see an all new aspect in Legends of Chamberlain Heights season 2 if it delivers its second season.

Nevertheless, just like a lot of viewers are highly disappointed with the animated series, few of them might sigh if series get renewed for a second season, as they have been liking the depiction of the storyline to some extent.

The first season of Legends of Chamberlain has come up with four episodes titled as ‘Jamallies’, ‘Child Please’, ‘Come out to Play’ and ‘Inspired by Isis’. Till now the first two episodes of the season has already been telecastedand the third episode will be premiered on Comedy Central on September 28.

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