Leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Images Give a Good Look at the Smartphone

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Leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8: The unveiling of Samsung’s upcoming smartphone in their celebrated S-series line up is not too far away, and just as we had predicted, new reports about the flagship device are flooding in. Samsung has been pretty tight lipped about all the things that the Galaxy S8 will pack in, but that has seldom been an impediment in speculating. So while there have been several rumours about how the new device will look, we now have an insight into how the Samsung Galaxy S8 might look.

Leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Image courtesy: Android Central.

Way back in 2016, we had heard that Samsung might completely ditch the normal display variant of their upcoming high-end flagship devices in favour of the “Edge” variety. But while the reports were based on official responses, it was not known for certain. But according to the newest leaks, it looks like the company has already ventured along those lines. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 images reveal a really sleek looking smartphone with a couple of changes. While the display is curved on both sides, as was expected, we can see that the bezels on the top and bottom parts have been made much thinner. This isn’t surprising, though, for most companies worth their weight in the world of technology are adapting a higher screen to body ratio. The secondary camera is placed at the top of the device along with two sensors placed on each side of it.

Other than these obvious factors, there isn’t much more in terms of features revelations except the ports that are visible across its surface. These include a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which means Samsung is not going the route of Apple much to the ease of fans worldwide. Besides that, there is a visible speaker and a USB Type-C port. We can’t see the backside of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S8 in the pictures, so we can’t confirm the camera and fingerprint sensor locations that we saw previously.

While the images give out little significant information, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to be a revolutionary upcoming launch from the South Korean giant. For one, it might come with a new voice controlled AI much along the lines of Siri, and is expected to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors. A dual-lens camera set up at the back is also a possibility if we are to pay heed to rumours.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will probably be unveiled in late March this year. Stay hooked to our page for more news.

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