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How to invest in Litecoin in India

How to invest in Litecoin in India: We have written this article for those people who are from India and interested in Litecoin trading. So, If you are searching how to invest in Litecoin in India, then look at now further. Here we shared step by step methods to invest in Litecoin from India. But, before we get into the methods, let understand the Litecoin properly.

What is Litecoin?

If you are familiar with the Cryptocurrency, then you don’t have any introduction of Litecoin. Also, if you don’t know Cryptocurrency, you probably hear the name of Bitcoin. You can understand Litecoin as an alternative to bitcoin. Ex-Google employee Charlie Lee founded a lighter version of Bitcoin which known as Litecoin.  The release date of Litecoin was 9 October 2011. The main purpose behind the creation of Litecoin is to make it cheaper and faster than Bitcoin.

How to invest in Litecoin in India

Ways to Invest in Litecoin in India

In order to invest in Litecoin in India, you only have to register yourself on a digital asset exchange online portal like Koinex.  For registration, you should follow simple steps given further in this article. Firstly, you can invest directly in Indian currency or US dollars to by Litecoin. Secondly, if you are already in the crypto trading business and have any other digital currency like bitcoin or Ethereum, then you can exchange them with a Litecoin.

You need to take the next step according to your level of understanding of cryptocurrency trading. If you are a beginner, then we prefer to invest in Indian rupees or US Dollars.

Invest in Litecoin with Indian rupees

If you are going to start investing in Litecoin from scratch, then this method works best for you. Much digital currency exchange platform working in India like Koinex, WazirX, and BitBNS.

Koinex is one of the best platforms for various types of cryptocurrencies trading, including Litecoin. But, recently, the founder of Koinex announced that they were terminated the crypto exchange services on 27 June 2019. It was trendy among digital assets buyers and sellers.

But, don’t worry, there are other platforms that are working thoroughly. You can invest there without any disruptions. So, here we have taken the “Buy U Coin,” which is currently working from India as a digital asset buying and selling platform. Follow the below steps to invest in Litecoin with Indian rupees.

How to invest in Litecoin in India

  • You have to search on Google “Buy U Coin,” or you can directly visit the website.
  • You have to choose the language between Hindi and English and then click on the Get Started button.
  • After that, the sign-up form will open with asking details like Email address, Mobile Number, and Password. You have to complete all the details.
  • Verify your email and mobile number with OTP.
  • Then, the KYC form appears with asking the basic details along with Aadhar Card number and PAN number. Fill all the information and click on the send button.
  • You have to upload front and back images of your Adhaar card and PAN card.
  • After uploading images, you should fill the bank details in the following form and click on the submit button.

With the completion of all the above steps, your account is ready to invest in Litecoin through Indian rupees after reviewed of KYC details. They will review your KYC within a day.

How to invest in Litecoin in India

Invest in Litecoin with US Dollars

There are many international trading platforms available for investing a Litecoin through US dollars. If you want to invest from India, then you have to exchange Indian currency to Us dollars through any medium. You can take the help of popular money transfers like Paypal, Transferwise, Sharemoney, etc.

After exchanging the Indian currency into US dollars, you can go to the international online crypto trading websites. You can use platforms like Coinbase,, and Coinmama.  After converting Indian rupees to US dollars, you will be able to invest in Litecoin in India with US dollars on these international platforms.

Choose any one platform and register yourself with email id and Password. In these platforms, you will have many options as a payment method, including bank account and credit card.

Convert Bitcoin or Ethereum to Litecoin

If you already have a digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, then you sho go to the cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Zebpay and Changelly.

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