Latest 2.0 Movie Box office collection: Movie Story line and Reviews

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Movie Box office collection

2.0 is finally screened all over the world today, Movie of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starring, Shankar directorial, ARR music and yet more famous artists and other legendary technicians’ are blended together which is India’s highest budget film till date and second costliest film in Asia. India’s first film shot directly with 3D cameras, produced by Lyca productions cost more than 550 crores.

2.0  Movie story line and Reviews

2.0 is the successful successor of the blockbuster film Enthiran by director Shankar. This film has been whopping more than 75 million dollars on the VFX, 3D computer graphics with jaw-dropping visuals and another concept itself. It makes the flocks of fans going to a theatre to enjoy the virtual visual treat. The fans are giving positive reviews.

The main concept of the 2.0 is due to the increase of the cell phone tower, bird species are extinct. Birds are helpful in agriculture, thereby bird extinction disturbs the agriculture. If the agriculture and food production disturbed which in turns disturb the human living. A decay old vision is conveyed via a strong VFX mix and good music makes the fans to enjoy the visual treat. It is an experience more than a movie.

Latest 2.0 Movie Box office collection

Akshaykumar as Rajaali(Birdman) and a normal man has done his best. Rajinikanth played as Vaseegaran(a Scientist) and robots evil chitty, a good chitty (2.0), and kutty chitty (3.0). Some of the sequences include mobile phones of all the people in Chennai including the political pe son and all the commoners mobile are flying over the air.

People are suspecting this is may due to the hackers or aliens and cannot get the conclusion. Mobile phones are swirling over the sky, it is unbelievable and has no logic at all. Hence it is a combination of science and fiction called a sci-fi fantasy thriller. Director Shankar has brought the Tamil cinema into the world level. The film begins with the Enthiran ended Dr.Vaseegaran scientist, has temporarily disabled the evil chitty and Amy Jackson as Nila a friendly humanoid, his secretary.

Mobile phones are flying out of the people’s hand and disappear into the air. More than the technical aspects, some hilarious scene associated with Rajinikanth and have the hit numbers, especially – “ Enthira logathu sundariya” sounds good. The films bring the Rajinikanth style back, which was missing in his recent films. 2.0 has the amazing 3D effect and reached the Hollywood standards.

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