The Los Angeles Police Department has arrested a 25-year-old man in connection with a ‘swatting’ prank that triggered a deadly police shooting leading to the death of an unarmed man in Kansas. The man, Tyler Barriss, was taken into custody on Friday afternoon after a connection between him and the hoax 911 call was discovered. The 911 call was sparked by a feud between online gamers and Barriss had a history of making hoax emergency calls. The police said that Andrew Finch, 28, was killed on Thursday during the law-enforcement response to the call. “Due to the actions of a prankster, we have an innocent victim,” Wichita police Deputy Chief Troy Livingston said during a press conference Friday. The family of Andrew Finch has set up a GoFundMe account to pay for the funeral costs and the burial expenses.


On Thursday night, the Wichita police receive a 911 call of a possible hostage situation near the corner of McCormick and Seneca in Wichita, Kansas. A man was fatally shot by a police officer in what is believed to be a gaming prank called “swatting.” Barriss is accused of making the swatting call after getting into a dispute with a gamer while playing Call of Duty. He gave police the address he believed to be the other gamer’s, officials say. However, the address given to authorities led them to the doorstep of Finch, who was not part of the online gaming community, according to his family.

The caller claimed to be holding his family hostage after his father had been shot in the head Thursday night, according to 911 audio played by the Wichita Police Department. “That was the information we were working off of,” Livingston said. Officers “got in position” for a hostage situation when they arrived at the Kansas home. Soon, Finch came to the door to see what was going on, the newspaper reported. Officers instructed Finch to put his hands up, but he lowered them by his waistband several times, Livingston said. One officer then took a shot because he “feared for officer’s safety,” he added. The father of two was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

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