Kung Fu Yoga Review and Rating: TheJackie Chan Action Flick Coming with Lot of Anticipation!

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Kung Fu Yoga

Kung Fu Yoga Review: Kung Fu Yoga, the name has a great combination of both the Chinese and Indian words to emphasize on the fact that the movie got the flavor of both the countries. This is not the first time, Jackie Chan is being part of an Indo International project, so we can say he is well acquainted with Indian movie biz. This action-adventure comedy film was making the buzz for a long time, and now it is set to make a grand entry at the box office tomorrow. The movie seems quite interesting, and the presence of the international star Jackie Chan has made it more curious affair than ever. Directed byStanley Tong, this movie is set to release on 3rd February. So before buying a ticket let’s take a look at the Kung Fu Yoga Review and Rating.

Kung Fu Yoga Review and Rating

Kung Fu Yoga Cast and Crew


Jackie Chan as Jack

Sonu Sood as Randall

Disha Patani as Ashmita

Amyra Dastur as Kyra

Aarif Rahman as Jones Lee

Yixing Zhang as Xiaoguang


Director: Stanley Tong

Producer: Baribie Tung

Writer: Stanley Tong

Music: Nathan Wang, Komail-Shivaan

Production Companies: Taihe Entertainment, Shinework Pictures

Kung Fu Yoga Plot

The story or plot of Kung Fu Yoga is quite interesting. The story starts with the Chinese archeology professor Jack (Jackie Chan) who takes the help of an Indian professor Ashmita and her assistant Kyra to find the lost Magadha treasure in a Tibetan ice cave. In the quest, they find the remains of the royal army. But the plot took another twist when the team was suddenly attacked by Randall (Sonu Sood) who was found to be the descendent of a rebel army leader. The story goes a roundabout way like other typical Jackie Chan films. Then they all find a precious diamond to be auctioned In Dubai. But they need it as that will reveal the mountain temple in India which will work as a key that can unlock the real treasure.

Kung Fu Yoga Review

Kung Fu Yoga is another venture of Jackie Chan that has covered almost all the entertaining part including some skillful action sequences, dance, treasure hunt, etc. but still, Kung Fu Yoga lacks the cord of being the perfect blend of an entertainment movie. Let’s take a look at the positive and the negative points of Kung Fu Yoga.

The Kiss

Kung Fu Yoga is a typical Jackie Chan action adventure movie that has a lot of twists, double-crosses and sudden revelations that have given Kung Fu Yoga a curious touch. On the other hand, Sonu Sood is looking too dashing, and his equation with Jackie Chan is quite funny. Jackie has been seen stepping his foot with Bollywood beats, and that is some unique moments to enjoy. Disha Patani looked beautiful though she has very less to add to the plot.

The Slap

The fact is the story of the movie is a bit monotonous and repetitive and has a closeness with Jackie’s previous films. The plot is unrealistic and fragmented. The songs are terrible and do not entertain you at all. The movie got some irrelevant scenes, and actor like Jackie Chan looked awkward at times in his performance. The unnecessary animated scenes at the first half are painful for the audiences.

Kung Fu Yoga Rating

Kung Fu Yoga is a movie that claimed a lot of excitement only to be ended like a good for nothing movie. It is clumsy, boring and even at times painful to the audiences. Unless you are a great fan of Jackie Chan, we will recommend not to go for Kung Fu Yoga. We are giving this failed attempt of Jackie Chan 2 out of 5 rating.

Kung Fu Yoga Box Office Prediction

Kung Fu Yoga is made of US$65 million (Rs. 400 Crores), and it seems the makers will have a tough time to recover the money. The film has already been released in China on their Chinese new year only to disappoint its audiences. Though the movie has already been released in China, according to the prediction from the box office gurus the movie is capable of earning around Rs. 25 Crore. But to get the real numbers, we will have to wait till tomorrow!

Kung Fu Yoga Rating
Kung Fu Yoga Rating

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