Kolkata Hails for Its New Hero Soumen Mitra

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Soumen Mitra

While the first few phases of the West Bengal State Assembly Elections witnessed hell lot of violence, the people of Kolkata during the last few phases of elections seemed to be happy and much satisfied with the actions of the police. Police of West Bengal have been long hated for being a mute spectator of violence for a quite long time. Now those people are only praising the police officials for their courageous and great work to prevent the electoral violence. The last municipal elections also saw a lot of blood and fear stricken public out of which voters did not dare to step out and false votes were cast. But this time, with the removal of the ex commissioner of police by the Election Commission, the people could step out of the homes without any fear.

However many of the supporters and workers of all the opposing parties are alleging of threats and attacks. Threats that came before the elections did not end there. Rather the families are still under high risks. At Baghajatin, South Kolkata a child was allegedly victimized by the goons of the ruling party. Even now the after effects are prevailing over West Bengal.

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However, the people of Kolkata are still praising their new hero Soumen Mitra for his commendable work to prevent any kind of violence and life loss at the elections. According to his colleagues, he is a man with a strong backbone. He never compromises with law. Right on the first day when he was given the chair, he clearly stated that he is above the political color and knows only the law of the land. If he sees any mishaps or goons risking the electoral procedures he would not think twice to take action. he will not spare any goon as far law breaking is concerned. The name Soumen Mitra is the trending name of Kolkata right now. He clearly said to his subordinates that the Government pays the salary and not any person. So itb is expected that the police will act fearlessly.

“It depends on the leadership. If the commanding officer leads from the front and gives a clear message, anything can be achieved,” remarked former Kolkata Police commissioner Tushar Talukdar.

He did not only take strict actions during the elections, but also kept the local clubs and some party offices under high check. Some of the goons which had criminal background as per the police diaries, were also kept under watch. While Mitra has been receiving rave reviews for the way he has marched his troops, TMC leaders continue to cry foul over the removal of former commissioner Rajeev Kumar.

Well! Appointing or removing a Commissioner of Police for safe elections seems to be much like a tug of war or rather mudslinging between the ruling party and the Election Commission. As one more phase and also the last one is still left, which is to be conducted on 5th of May, people of the respective constituencies are still fear stricken.

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