Kohli: The Chastened Skipper Of India

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As the IPL season took off there was much to speak about Virat Kohli. He was injured, not able to play taking some time to rest and accused of not taking IPL seriously. During a game, when Kohli stood by the boundary line watching the game, a commentator said“You must be gutted to have missed out on this great competition” and Kohli immediately piped up “The priority is playing for India. That’s the ultimate as a cricketer”.

The commentator persisted in playing the blame game and this time again Kohli had to put him down in a gentle way that is really not what Kohli is best known for. The Indian captain said, “Champions Trophy is coming up and that’s the main goal”. However, Kohli gained back his health and joined the game but from an Indian Captain, those words were quite reassuring to hear.

The IPL wasn’t a great tournament for Virat & his team. He had the most frustrating moments of his life as an individual and a captain, morale-sucking comments and much more to go with. All this after the captain had a series of wins on home tournaments against England, Australia, New Zealand. And his nature of a young intense man, who finds it really tough to deal with losses.

Can it be quoted a learning time for the Indian captain when all of sudden he is on ground zero after having such chest thumping triumphs? How would he be perceiving all these incidents?

“After the kind of season, we had, it teaches you about yourself as a person at a few levels. From a mindset point of view, it made me realize that you cannot do everything in every game. Sometimes people might start looking at you like that, sometimes as a human being you need to realize your limitations and take a few steps backward,” Kohli said a few hours before he and the team took off for London for the tournament.

He is a hero today and being so what he had to face in the tournament was hard to digest. “It was so bizarre everything that we tried was going against us. Never experienced that on a side. Not just 11 but all 15 in the squad were all in the same mindset. It was bizarre.” Kohli says. “Maybe it was to teach me to balance things out and take a step back and think about how much you can do on the field and how much intensity with which you can play — may choose your phases. He added.

“As I keep getting older, those things are important and you need to avoid burnout too quickly. Those were the biggest learning’s for me. I was pretty fortunate that I got to experience such a time. It teaches you a lot as captain, it teaches you a lot of composure wise. You take a lot away from failures which are what I have always cherished.” The great Indian Cricket team Captain says.

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