Kohinoor was not stolen, rather gifted- says Government

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According to the government, India should not try to reclaim the much controversial Kohinoor diamond from the United Kingdom. This is because legally, the diamond belongs to them as the diamond was not snatched away and gifted to them by our nation. This means that one who tries to reclaim the 105 carat diamond will have to face severe problem if claims the diamond back.

A petition by an organization called All India Human Rights was submitted to the Supreme Court for claiming back the Kohinoor and all other antiques those were taken away by the invaders. The list also includes the remarkable Tipu Sultan Sword.

The story behind the Kohinoor diamond has always been very controversial. According to the Indian Government, Kohinoor, which means the “mountain of lights” was acquired from an Afghan King by Maharaja Randip Singh, who was the ruler of Punjab in 119th Century. He willed it to a temple in Odisha, but Dilip Singh, his successor, a minor, handed it over in 1849 to the East India company.

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The diamond was then set in the crown of Queen Victoria which at present is at a display in the Tower Of London. For years, politicians and others, here and in the UK, have said the whopper of a diamond was seized after Punjab was annexed to British India and must be returned.

While many rumors regarding bringing back the diamond were floating, Cameroon, in an interview to a news channel said, “I think I am afraid to say, to disappoint all your viewers, it is going to have to stay put”.

The crown however can be worn only by the female royals as it is considered to be unlucky for the men. If Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, who is second in line to the throne, eventually becomes queen consort, she will don the crown holding the diamond on official occasions.

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