Kingdom Hearts 3 News and Updates: Leaks Reveal the Long-awaited Storyline, Expected to hit the market in early 2018

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Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3:Fans across the continents are eagerly waiting for the release of the game Kingdom Hearts 3. And it has been quite some time that it has hit the headlines with all the speculations around it. And things are getting all the more interesting with the fact that recently on twitter there has been a post from one of the twitter handles regarding the storyline of the action role-playing game Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Story

As the Twitter handle has leaked a screenshot of the game, it has gone viral that Sora, the protagonist of the storyline that Kingdom Hearts 3 follows, is going to be a mature version of what he used to be on previous occasions. As it reveals, Sora is going to be portrayed as a man who has grown up with the inherent habit of fighting against darkness. He has done since his childhood days. And with the passage of time he has come to realise that all that has been happening is because of the wishes of Master Xenahort. This realisation actually paves the way for the future breakout of the war between light and darkness. This war has been titled to be the Keyblade War II, and as of now, it is expected that this is going to be the final battle. In the process of the battle, Sora and his friends need to get hold of the seven guardians of light. Sora is revealed to be accompanied by Donald and Goofy as they look for the “Key to Return Hearts”. On the other hand, Riku, Sora’s best friend along with King Mickey is going to be looking out for battle-scarred Keyblade wielder. Sora, being the ray of hope against all sorts of darkness, never fails to shine even in the bleakest of circumstances.

With the Keyblade War II looming large over Sora and his friends it is also revealed how Sora has been receiving all sorts of support from his buddies. Donald and Goofy have always assisted him in all the adventures that Sora has been a part of. Mickey has always been an admirer of Sora for the muscular strength he possesses. And whatever said about Riku that would be very less as he has been the best of all Sora’s friend. He grew up together with Sora on the Destiny Islands.

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As Sora makes a move forward to wage war against Master Xenahort, all his friends are ready to stand beside him in his quest for establishing the supremacy of light over darkness.

The storyline of Kingdom Hearts 3 has been leaked through a twitter handle

What has been interesting in this quest for supremacy, that is, the Keyblade War II, is that it is said to be the “final struggle”. This clearly provides an indication that this might just be the beginning of the end of the road for Kingdom Hearts series which has been hugely popular amongst the fans across the world.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date:

Square Enix is expected to release the game at some stage in the year 2018, most probably in the earlier part of 2018. It is going to be disappointing for the fans that they have to wait longer for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. But as the wait gets longer it’s going to attract more attention definitely.

The game has been reportedly made available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But according to previous news, the game is also expected to be made available on the Nintendo Switch console as well.

Once the game comes out in the market, it will be the eleventh instalment in the Kingdom Hearts series. The previous edition, that is, Kingdom Hearts 2 has attracted lots of attention once it released many days back. In fact, Kingdom Hearts II became the second bestseller in the year 2006. So it is quite obvious that Kingdom Hearts 3 is also going to be a hit once it releases in 2018 according to the reports.

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