Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump and Piers Morgan among 50 most confusing things

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“Some of the confusing things we found in our list were light hearted, like parallel parking or why men feel the need to read on the loo,” Mr Roberts said. “But others were more serious, showing we don’t fully understand important parts of everyday life like banking, insurance and home security.


1.         Why Kim Kardashian gets paid so much money for doing nothing

2.         Financial jargon

3.         How Donald Trump has not been impeached.

4.         Foreign call centres

5.         Why some young adults wear their trousers around their bottom

6.         Small print

7.         Why Mrs Brown’s Boys is so popular

8.         Why do young people like Jeremy Corbyn so much?

9.         Algebra

10.       Why is Piers Morgan still on TV?

11.       Why haven’t we left the EU yet?

12.       Politics

13.       What ‘Grime’ music actually is

14.       Why people voted for Brexit

15.       The gender neutral debate

16.       Why so many people are now ‘gluten free’

17.       Which foods are now good for you

18.       The laws of cricket

19.       Why there are so many options on the washing machine

20.       The offside rule in football

21.       Why sexism still exists

22.       Paying for a seat on a the train only to not get a seat

23.       Why women buy shoes which look good but don’t fit and insist on wearing them out

24.       Why everyone is into football

25.       Stephen Hawkins’s Big Bang theory

26.       Loan interest rates

27.       Poker

28.       All the different lottery draws

29.       Credit card interest rates

30.       Filling out insurance forms

31.       Setting up wireless networks

32.       Why kids want to be YouTube stars

33.       Speaking a language

34.       Automated phone systems

35.       Figuring out nutritional information on food labels

36.       Off peak and peak train fares

37.       Why everyone is talking to Alexa

38.       Predictive text

39.       Re-tuning the TV

40.       Getting money back from the tax man

41.       Buying a house

42.       Why Theresa May hasn’t got a personality

43.       Boris Johnson

44.       The printer breaking down

45.       Why global warming makes the world colder

46.       Twitter

47.       Why does Donald Trump hold onto people’s hands too long in handshakes?

48.       When to use the words ‘affect’ and ‘effect’

49.       Computers

50. What your council tax is for

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