Kim Kardashian Bids Farewell To Hollywood?

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Kim Kardashian Bids Farewell To Hollywood

Kim Kardashian has celebrated her 36th birthday very recently. But surprisingly, this time she welcomed her birthday with stillness and hush. We all know how lavishly Kim Kardashian throws her birthday parties. Sometimes it lasts a couple of days or even more.

This time nobody knows where Kim celebrated her birthday. Neither any Instagram post nor any video is posted on the social networking sites. And the most surprising thing is Kanye West, the loudmouth also didn’t voice out anything on his wife’s birthday. But her family and friends greeted her via social media. Even some fans say that without her, social media sensations will not be as same as before.

She throws a grand party, a party where the top class celebrities along with the sports icons are gathered together. In the last couple of years, she threw some grand parties where the top class celebrities along with the sports icons are gathered together. Her parties are so much breathtaking. Here are some points you should not miss-

  • You may remember her last birthday party where an entire movie theatre was hired.
  • There was absolutely no restriction for boozing and visitors were offered bottles after bottles to booze.
  • Lastly, the birthday cake which cost $50K!

 Well, no one would forget that.

Recently Kim has become a proud mother and probably she decided to leave the spotlight and live happily as a mother and a wife. You might know that Kim has been charged in a robbery incident which took place in Paris. But according to some sources, it was staged.

Since October 3, there was no sighting of her. Nor is she active in any of social media sites. Already her fans started bothering on the silence while others are enjoying and rejoicing. Many people actually hate this TV superstar and her family because of their behaviour in front of the public.

According to some critics, lack of intelligence is the perfect words for them. And when other viewers are considered, then they only watch their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians because of Kim’s curves. The Kardashian family has become famous not because they are talented but only because they were desperate for fame. From the very first day of their show they have actually got a poor rating and till now some people wonder why they are still airing it.

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