Being into the attention of their audience is a prime motive of every performer or artist. Many of the starts also undergo many of the publicity stunts just in order to grab the eyeballs. One such actress is Kim Kardashian who is famous for undergoing any extent to get famous among the audience.  Ever her controversial family also contributes a lot to be in the gossip surrounded or she might do it her sartorial choices as well. She is too much dedicated to achieving her ultimate goal and somehow manages to do the same in quite an efficient manner.


One will not at all be amazed to see that she has gone one step ahead this time. She took quite a bold step and has uploaded her bold naked selfies on her entire social media network. Many of the people out there on the social media got shocked and even some of them got offended by her claiming that she is polluting the Indian culture. Also, she has been the center of attention for quite a long time; after all, she is quite efficient in holding the spot well long time. It really does not matter to her whether this is in the positive manner or the negative one. Her whole and sole motive is to be in limelight.


This isn’t something new for Kim as there are thousands of nude pictures of her floating over the internet. However, this time her nude selfies have garnered flak as much as appreciation from the Internet, like all other things on social media does. One of the reality stars also got shocked that people on the internet actually like and seems interested in her nude selfies. Hence, such vulgar pictures are also getting viral and even it is being opted by many of the other actresses as well as a publicity stunt.

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