Celebrities are no strangers when it comes to controversies. Every day or the other, their names are dragged through the mud by someone in the country with internet and loads of free time. South Indian actress Khushboo Sundar is no different than those celebrities. The actor-turned-politician is the national spokesperson for the Congress Party and regularly handles trolls, controversy, rumours and brickbats all in a day’s work. The latest incident was no new surprise when she gave a befitting reply to the those who tried to target her. Some people found out that Khushboo Sundar’s real name is Nakhat Khan and it led to a series of trolls, memes, allegations, and bullying.

Khushboo Sundar was born in Mumbai as Nakhat Khan and right from her childhood, she has been an actor, till date, working in around 200 films. She has worked in multilingual films such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and even Hindi. The online community tried to belittle her by saying that she had hid her name and religion from the nation. Some trollers alleged that she is from Pakistan, the nation which spawned the likes of Ajmal Kasab. While there were many who targeted the actor, there was a whole bunch of people who came out in her support, not caring whether her name is Sundar or Khan.

This was not the first time that she has been attacked for her name. Khushboo Sundar was chosen by her as her screen name, like many other actors in Bollywood choose their own names. Nakhat Khan was the name that her family gave her and Khushboo Sundar is the name that she became famous by. According to her, she chose that particular name because it was prevalent among both Hindus and Muslims, and does not have any mythological or religious connotation attached to it.

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