KGF Box Office Collection, All Language | India | Worldwide

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KGF Box Office Collection

KGF Box Office Collection: KGF is an action film in the Kannada language released on 21 December 2018 (India). This movie initially released on 20 December in the United States and Canada. This film is first part of KGF series.The second part (KGF: Chapter 2) will come soon.This film was directed and written by Prashanth Neel. Yash and Ramachandra Raju played the leading role in KGF. The film is narrated by Anant Nag, who is also played the supporting role. Another supporting cast is with Srinidhi Shetty, Ayyappa P. Sharma, Vasishta N. Simha, and Harish Rai.

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KGF Box Office Collection, All Language | India | Worldwide


KGF Movie Wiki & Cast

Actor/Actress Name Role in KGF
Yash Rocky
Ramachandra Raju Garuda
Srinidhi Shetty Reena Desai
Anant Nag AnandIngalagi
Ramesh Indira Suryavardhan
ArchanaJois Shanthamma (Mother of Rocky)
VinayBidappa Virat
Achyuth Kumar Guru Pandian
Laxman Rajendra Desai
Vasishta N. Simha Kamal
B.S. Avinash Andrews
Balakrishna Inayat Khalil
Harish Rai Khasim

KGF Movie Review

KGF film’s art direction and cinematography praised by critics. Its editing and screenplay was not given more impact on the audience. Times of India, Behindwoods, and News 18 praised the movie.

Janani K from India Today criticized the starring of Yash and said: “his gangster role goes wrong in some places.”

These news portals often give reviews on all movies, but we want to know the point of view. So, share your reviews and opinions about KGF in the comment section.

KGF Box Office Collection

KGF Box Office Collection

Day India Net Collection
1st Day [1st Friday] ₹2.10 Cr
2nd Day [1st Saturday] ₹3.00 Cr
3rd Day [1st Sunday] ₹4.10 Cr
4th Day [1st Monday] ₹2.90 Cr
5th Day [1st Tuesday] ₹4.35 Cr
6th Day [1st Wednesday] ₹2.60 Cr
7th Day [1st Thursday] ₹2.40 Cr
Week 1 ₹21.45 Cr
8th Day [2nd Friday] ₹1.25 Cr
9th Day [2nd Saturday] ₹1.75 Cr
10th Day [2nd Sunday] ₹2.25 Cr
11th Day [2nd Monday] ₹1.50 Cr
12th Day [2nd Tuesday] ₹2.25 Cr
13th Day [2nd Wednesday] ₹1.30 Cr
14th Day [2nd Thursday] ₹1.20 Cr
Week 2 ₹11.50 Cr
15th Day [3rd Friday] ₹0.90 Cr
16th Day [3rd Saturday] ₹1.35 Cr
17th Day [3rd Sunday] ₹2.00 Cr
18th Day [3rd Monday] ₹0.88 Cr
19th Day [3rd Tuesday] ₹0.85 Cr
20th Day [3rd Wednesday] ₹0.76 Cr
21st Day [3rd Thursday] ₹0.70 Cr
Week 3 ₹7.44 Cr
22nd Day [4th Friday] ₹0.38 Cr
23rd Day [4th Saturday] ₹0.55 Cr
24th Day [4th Sunday] ₹0.68 Cr
25th Day [4th Monday] ₹0.50 Cr
26th Day [4th Tuesday] ₹0.39 Cr
27th Day [4th Wednesday] ₹0.28 Cr
28th Day [4th Thursday] ₹0.25 Cr
Week 4 ₹3.03 Cr
Week 5 ₹0.78 Cr
Week 6 ₹0.20 Cr
Week 7 ₹0.02 Cr

KGF Blockbuster Records

India Net Collection: ₹160.5 Crore

India Gross Collection: ₹228 Crore

Worldwide Collection: ₹238 Crore

Overseas Collection: ₹10 Crore

KGF earned ₹25 Crore worldwide on its opening day. It was made the record of Highest opening every in the Kannada film industry’s history.

It was collected ₹60 Crore and grossed ₹113 Crore worldwide on its opening week. KGF was the first film in Kannada film Industry that crossed ₹100 crores.

KGF was the fourth-highest grossed Hindi dubbed film after 2.0 and Bahubali franchise.

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