Key Situations Latest Where You Need the Counsel of an Immigration Lawyer

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Immigration Lawyer

Where You Need the Counsel of an Immigration Lawyer: Immigration lawyers help you with all matters related to immigration. They explain the immigration laws and guide you on how to submit various documents like employment or travel visa, green card and more required for immigration. They help you understand matters in the field of immigration laws of different countries.

There are some matters where the hiring of an immigration lawyer is considered necessary. They have been listed below-

Immigration Lawyer

  1. Crime convictions– All USCIS forms ask whether the applicant has been convicted of a crime. Every applicant should disclose their criminal records even if they were expunged or dropped. In such cases, you do not need to hire a criminal lawyer. Immigration lawyers can help you.
  2. Denial of prior immigration forms– With the help of an immigration lawyer, you will be able to determine why you were denied prior immigration applications. Your lawyer will guide you on whether you should make a fresh appeal or make a re-application in the future. Here, if an individual has been excluded or deported from entry into the USA, an immigration lawyer can help you understand its effects and give you advice on the subject.
  3. If an applicant suffers from a medical condition- Some medical conditions will bar the entry of an applicant into some countries. Communicable diseases are an example of the above. An immigration lawyer will help you understand the subject.
  4. Application waiting process- Immigration lawyers know the timelines of an application. If an applicant has been waiting for a long time with the application process, an immigration lawyer can expedite the processing of the application.
  5. Employment visa application– If the prospective employer is not helping an applicant with an employment-based visa application, immigration lawyers may intervene and instruct the potential employer to fulfill their obligations to the immigrant worker.
  6. A marriage of immigrant terminated to a US citizenIf the marriage of the immigrant has been ended to a US citizen, immigration lawyers can step in to offer advice and legal counsel on the case. Visa applications based on marriage are generally filed by the parties jointly. If the wedding ends due to divorce or death, it may be hard for the applicant to prove that the marriage was not illegal or fraudulent.
  7. Permanent resident status- Applicants need to adjust their permanent resident status especially when they get married to a citizen from another country in the USA. The prime issue faced here is it is hard to prove the first marriage was a legal one. The services of immigration lawyers here help the applicant to establish the legitimacy of the first marriage.

The above is just some of the primary cases where people need the service of an immigration lawyer. The lawyer will also help people when it comes to paperwork and the filing of documents. If you need a good immigration lawyer for any of the above cases, make sure you hire a professional with proven track records and experience in the field.

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