Key Precautions for Construction Business Owners

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Construction is a leading UK industry – and it is likely to grow. By 2022, analysts predict that there will be 2.77 million builders in Britain.

If you own a construction firm, you may very well see a rise in employees within the next few years.

As always, safety will remain a top priority within your sector – and rightly so. Security measures can prevent accidents on and off site.

You will no doubt want to ensure security for you, your team and your clients.

These key precautions could help.

Health and Safety

On-site security is vital. Take precautions, and you could maximise protection for your employees. Usually, this can easily be done.

You just need to adhere to all Health and Safety laws – particularly those that cover the Construction industry. They can be found on the HSE website, and span various topics, from specific machinery handling to fire prevention.

Each rule can change, however. To keep track, make sure to frequently check the website. You could even make this a regular objective for your logistics team or secretary.

That way, you will be able to guarantee that your team remain protected at all times.

 Key Precautions for Construction Business


All buildings must be made to meet Health and Safety laws. Investors in new properties expect the finished result to go above and beyond these standards.

A firm that can deliver this to clients stands to make huge financial gains. Even better, its clients will be more likely to recommend their services in future – and this could boost overall popularity.

To ensure that your company can reap these rewards, your team will need to install the right equipment during construction.

Structural fire protection, fire escape exits, and secure windows are all examples of this. Thanks to innovators like CCF, you needn’t look far for reliable materials.

With the correct apparatus, regulation compliance can be straightforward.

Best Key Precautions for Construction Business


As you may already know, builder’s clothing can affect construction tasks. That is why Health and Safety laws cover the subject in detail.

HSE advises that construction workers wear certain garments. Fall arrest harnesses, for example, prevent builders from hitting the ground if they fall from a high construction.

Likewise, work trousers are designed to cushion the wearer’s knees. They can protect the joint from injury in the event of a front-facing fall. Helmets, earmuffs and Hi-Viz over-clothes are all other essential items for on-site building work.

It is important, therefore, to present each member of your team with each suggested item.

Construction is an exciting sector – more now than ever. Technology is transforming not just what, but also how we build.

However it changes, firm owners will always be responsible for client, employee and company protection. Take the right steps, and you can fulfil this duty completely.

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