Kevin Spacey scandal: New appellant has Norwegian regal connection

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A new accuser this one with a Norwegian regal connection has come ahead to tell Norwegian media that Kevin Spacey fumbled him beneath a table at a Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo 10 years ago.

Danish-Norwegian writer Ari Behn, previously married to Princess Mrtha Louise and father of three, on Thursday became the 16th man to blameSpacey ofsexualmisbehavior in the wake of a flood of accusations that have helped fell famous men in entertainment, politics, media, business and fashion over the last two months.

Behn told the Norwegian radio station,P4, that Spacey clutched his genitals while suggesting a cigarette break during the annual Peace Prize Concert thatSpacey was co-hosting that year (with Uma Thurman).

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“We had a nice conversation, he was satnext to me,”Behn, 46, told the radio station according to stories inThe Daily Mailand theTelegraphin London. “After five minutes, he says, ‘Hey, let’s go out and have a cigarette,’ and then he touched me right on the (genitals) beneath the table.”

“Kevin Spacey grabbed my crown jewels,” affirmed the ever-cheekyDaily Mail‘sheadline on the story.

Behn is a novelist, short-story writer and playwright, who has also worked as a model and a designer.

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In 2002,Behn marriedPrincess Mrtha Louise, 46,the only daughter of King Harald V and Queen Sonja, and fourth in line to the Norwegian throneafter her brother Crown Prince Haakonand his two children.

Their wedding was of keen attention in Norway; later thetwo wrote a book about the nuptials.

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In 2016, the Norwegian imperial court announced that Behn and the princess were to going to divorce, the first in the contemporary history of the Norwegian royal family.The couple hasjoint protection of their three daughters, Maud, 14, Leah, 12, and Emma, 9.

Spacey’s rep did not react to a request for remark from USA TODAY. Spaceychecked into an Arizona luxury rehab centre for sex addiction treatmentlast month.

In fact,Spaceyhas said almost nil in response to the accusations against him apart from after the first one:He apologized to actor Anthony Rappwho said in October that Spacey made sexualmoves on him in 1986 in his New York residence when Rapp was 14. But Spacey also said he couldn’t consider the alleged encounter.

Fifteen other men have ever since come forward to explain unsuitableencounters with Spacey, as recent as 2016 and as long ago as 1983. This does not comprise 20 unidentified complaints made against him for suspected misconduct at the Old Vic Theatre in London where Spacey was artistic director 2004-2015.

The penalty for Spacey have been disastrous to his career andstatus, including the disgrace of being instantly fired fromHouse of Cardsand seeing his positionin a soon-to-open movie re-shot with another actor. And he is under unlawful investigation for suspected sexual assaults in both London and in Nantucket, Mass.

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