Kerala Government Enquires Against Fraud Single Digit Lottery

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Kerala Government

There exists a growing complaint of lotteryfrauds involving single-digit lotteries in the state of Kerala. The government of the state, therefore, decided to take a stern step. The government ordered a probe by a special task force headed by Inspector General of Police Balram Kumar Upadhyay. With the whole illegal single digit lottery trade gaining customers in the state, finance minister T M Thomas Issac declared that he would take active steps to eradicate the issue from the root. When the special task force reports about the status of the situation, finance minister T M Thomas Issac informed the assembly that the government would ensurenecessary actions are being taken.


The single-digit lottery is known as ‘written lottery’ and this illegal betting is run by an organised group which seems to be evident in the northern parts of the state. To prevent the citizens from getting addicted to such illegal betting the state would telecast live, the result of the draw of Kerala state lotteries every day. According to V D Satheeshan this entire single-digit lottery scam was operated online and through SMS messages. The news states that the lottery mafia from other states was trying to gain strength in Kerala in a different form as they were moved out of the state some years ago. Thus, with the help and suggestion from the opposition party, the government claims that they will be able to nip the cause in the bud successfully.

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The government of the state is trying their best to make sure that the issue is solved with the help of a detailed investigation performed by the special task force. The opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala claims that he wanted the government of the state to take stern action against single-digit lotteries as it has already started affecting the state-run lottery.Therefore, these attempts of the Kerala government, the ordered probe into fraud single-digit lottery will be successful with the desired result.

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