Keep Away From These Parenting Style for Your Child’s Good

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“The sign of great parenting is not the child’s behaviour. The sign of truly great parenting is the parents’ behaviour.” – Andy Smithson

This is why parenting styles have been given so much importance by experts. While there is no doubt that every parent wants the best for their child, the parenting styles they adopt often end up doing more harm than good. This is when a lot of questions start bothering them.

What did I do wrong? Did it happen because I was too authoritative? Should I have been a bit lenient? How can I improve myself? And, the questions and doubts go on until they find a solution.

If you are also bothered with such thoughts and wish to know what to do next, here’s a comprehensive list of parenting styles you should avoid. Take a look!

Authoritarian Parenting

“It’s my way or the highway” is the rule in this parenting style. Parents are quite disciplinarians, restrictive, and make their child follow their direction while binding their freedom. Such parents want their kid to get prepared for a harsh world and learn how to behave and survive. Some other characteristics of this type of parenting are:

  • Punishment and verbal abuse is quite common
  • Communication is one-way – from parent to child and not vice versa
  • There is little nurturing or care from parents
  • Parents’ expectations are quite high

Effects on Children

Children raised through authoritarian parenting often face various issues throughout their life. Common ones include:

  • Lower self-esteem as their opinions are never valued by their parents
  • Anger and punishment make them vulnerable to high self-blame and even lead to self-harm
  • Restrictive environment instigates them to become rebellious adults
  • Suppression and less freedom also lead to depression and anxiety

Permissive Parenting

This one can be called the opposite of authoritarian parenting. The bond between parents and children is more of ‘friends’. Parents are not demanding, but responsive, lenient, and non-directive. Check other characteristics below:

  • Parents are nurturing, more responsive, and caring
  • They don’t control their child’s behaviour
  • Parents give everything that their kid wants and lets them make their own decisions

Effects on Children

  • It is noted that children with permissive parents are irresponsible and immature
  • They tend to be more impulsive and are prone to heavy drinking and drug usage later in life
  • In better cases, such children are emotionally secure and independent

Uninvolved Parenting

As the name suggests, parents often have little idea about their child and their life in this type of parenting style. This often happens when either of the parent is struggling with mental health issues or any kind of abuse. Common characteristics of such parenting style include:

  • Fewer rules and regulations for children
  • They don’t ask them about school, their friends, or rarely spend time with them
  • Parents do not guide or care for the child
  • Neglecting is a key feature of uninvolved parenting and thus, parents rarely meet the child’ emotional demands

Effects on Children

  • Children will have lower self-esteem and stay unhappy
  • They often perform poorly in academics
  • Children also face behavioural issues

Bubble-Wrap Parenting

Here we go again with another parenting style which is opposite of the one listed just above. While parents neglect their kid in uninvolved parenting, those following bubble-wrap parenting care too much for their little ones. For characteristics, refer to the points below:

  • Parents are hyper-protective and constantly worry about their children
  • They figuratively keep their child in a safe cocoon to save them from emotional or physical damage
  • They don’t let their child go out alone or even hang out with their friends

Effects on Children

  • Children often have poor social skills
  • They feel it difficult to make their own decisions
  • As they don’t get to make mistakes, children often find adult life more challenging

Helicopter Parenting

If you’ve watched the movie Helicopter Eela, you’ll understand what we are talking about. If not, well, just continue reading! Just like a helicopter, parents hover over their child 24*7 and wish to extract each and every piece of information about their life. Here are the common characteristics of such parenting style:

  • Parents don’t trust their child’s ability to face the world
  • They constantly supervise their kid’s activities
  • They are obsessed with their child’s activities and even monitor them on a daily basis

Effects on Children

  • Children are totally unprepared for the real-world problems
  • They lack independence and emotional resilience
  • They face lower self-confidence and fail to handle tough situations

Wrapping Up

Done reading? Well, then you know which parenting styles you need to avoid from now onwards. Raising a child is a big deal no doubt, but you need to follow the right parenting style to help your child become a better adult.

To know about how to raise your child, try exploring digital platforms like Momspresso. From perfect parenting styles to children’s needs, you will get to learn about everything from experts. Happy parenting!

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