Kathy Griffin Comedy Comeback: Enters Stage Wearing A Trump Mask

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Kathy Griffin got fired from CNN after she was photographed holding the faux severed head of President Donald Trump. However, she is not done with him just yet. The 56-year-old made a return to comedy Sunday night at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles and took the stage by a storm. She was the opening act at the annual Aid for AIDS fundraiser Best in Drag Show. The audience was filled almost entirely with gay men and the show was completely sold out. She entered the stage from the left when host Patrick Rush announced her name.


With both middle fingers raised to the rafters and wearing a Trump mask, Kathy was dressed in an electric blue dress with a giant pussy bow tied at her neck, the same style in which she was photographed which led to the controversy. Kathy Griffin asked the audience if they could handle a genuinely comedic fugitive. Judging from the cheering, applause and the multiple standing ovations, it seemed like the audience could. Griffin has been a beloved performer and supporter of the event for almost two decades now, so it was no surprise that the audience loved her even before she began her act.


However, the shock came when Kathy took off the mask and yet made not many quips at the President. Kathy made Harvey Weinstein, Billy Bush and the many ‘deplorables’, who had sent her death threats and hate mail during the summer after the picture went viral, her target for the night. She revealed that she was a part of an international scandal which led her to being under a federal investigation for two months, during which her sister and her dog died and her mother turned on her too, siding with Fox News host Sean Hannity. She told the audience how she got a consoling letter from Billy Bush and how she understood the gesture, not wanting to join his side at the same time.

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