Kangana Ranaut: A true Boss lady

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Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is one of the few people in Bollywood who does not care about being politically correct and speaks out her mind. She has been more than an actress to her fans, she has been a role model. She helps every one of her fans know that anyone with talent can achieve what she has in all the years without having to be a puppet to the system.

Kangana Ranaut ran away from home without any money and her family disowned her. She struggled in the town of new actors entering the industry with their connections. She slept on the streets, had many failed auditions, and without any help, entered the industry barely in a time where rich celebrity kids got free entries into a handed-out stardom. In spite of her struggles, she refused to give in to the system of nepotism and stood for herself and her talent. She did not give in to the temptations of sugar daddies either. She dedicated herself to every role that she got, irrespective of the importance of her role in the films.

She made her own name based purely on talent, with a strive for excellence and an ambition for success. Even though there were many setbacks in her life, she did not give up. Surrounded by many controversies, Kangana held her head high and marched the road to fame and success. People made fun of her vocabulary in English, and while that might get some people down, Kangana stood strong and mastered the language to the extent that no one can beat her in a debate today.

In our patriarchal society, Kangana displayed an attitude of being a badass woman. She called out Karan Johar on nepotism right to his face and is often given the credit for sparking the debate on nepotism in the industry today. Kangana kept a true ‘I don’t care’ attitude when various magazines and TV shows called her out for blaming fellow actors of using their family name to their advantage.

She refuses to play the victim card in spite of being attacked viciously. She never became a sellout and has always stuck to her morals and principles. A go-getter, she never shied away from a role and displayed her acting skills playing diverse roles in her career, making it hard for anyone to question her potential. She has now raised her voice on issues of feminism and has also been labeled an outcast in the industry, not being invited to various parties. She couldn’t care less about such trivialities. She is her own boss and refuses to bow down to anyone. A self-made star, Kangana Ranaut is a true inspiration for everyone in our nation.

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