Kangana Looks Amazing In Simran Teaser, Proves Is The Best When Left Alone

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Kangana Looks Amazing In Simran Teaser

Kangana Ranaut has every now and then proved that she is a gem of Bollywood. Though her releases have also gathered a lot of negative publicity and criticism but, there is no denying the fact that the lady star has the ability to drive the entire movie on her delicate yet sturdy shoulders. Undoubtedly, Kangana was great in some multi-starter movies like Fashion and Krissh-3, in fact, the former bagged her National Award and this was the first time she was noticed for her talent. But, in Krissh-3 she was just an additional baggage who was there to make love with the Indian superhero. Krissh 3 earned Kangana nothing but a lifetime rivalry with Hrithik Roshan.

The crux of the story is, if Kangana is cast against any hero, she fails to perform. Even her Bollywood career vouch for the same. This is the very reason her two latest release, Katti Batti & Rangoon failed so miserably on the box-office. The lady is full of power & driving force and when set against a male star she loses it all at once. Not because of any fault that Kangana makes but because the male actor cast against her is not able to match the delirium of the Queen actress.

This is the only reason her solo movies are such a big hit. Following the traditions, the recently released teaser of her film Simran appears so soothing to the eyes. The hardly a minute long teaser best portrays the star’s talent. Kangana appears in different getups in the teaser showing every emotion possible and having fun while dancing, jumping, frowning and making thousands of faces. The teaser is a window that let you peek in the movie and confirms that ‘Simran’ will be a one woman show just like ‘Queen’.

This purely proves that Kangana is best when she is not making romance to any actor in the movie, when she is in the lead role and when she is the title character. The teaser gives us all the right reasons that this is going to be a blockbuster movie with Kangana performing her best.

No doubt, Kangana was marvelous in Tanu Weds Manu series but if we analyze these movies, Madhavan does not have much of a star-wattage here to shine out Kangana. Kangana can be claimed to have a more author-packed role in the two movies of the series.

Simran appears to be a movie that can set a new start to the peak of the stardom. It is written by Aligarh and Shahid scribe Apurva Asrani and is a story of Gujarati NRI housewife Praful Patel who has to enter the world of crime seeking the financial crisis. The story is set to be originally based on the story of Bombshell Bandit’, Sandeep Kaur, who was initially a nurse in the US but later a bank robber. Sandeep was convicted for robbing 4 banks in the US and was sent on a 66 months imprisonment term.

The story gives all the signs that it is just the right movie for Kangana to make a comeback with her talent. She is ready to beat the failure of Rangoon, fade off the malicious scandal with Hrithik Roshan and give an answer to the nepotism debate with Karan Johar with ‘Simran’.

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